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Custody Issues / Joint custody
« on: Jan 10, 2014, 07:38:51 PM »
I have a stable home, steady job and try to see my 5 month old daughter as much as I'm allowed due to her mother not allowing me to have overnights, further limiting my time. The mother is wanting an every other weekend schedule, however this would limit me further then what I am now, and I want to play an active role in raising my daughter. What is the likelyhood of a judge awarding 50/50 joint physical custody?

Visitation Issues / Joint Custody Visitation
« on: Dec 11, 2013, 07:22:21 PM »
I am the father of a beautiful, healthy 4 month old baby girl. Her mother is taking me to court for custody, and are trial is set for January 31, 2014. Ever since are daughter was born, I have tried to play an active role in raising her but have been denied overnights and her mother has refused to work with me on coming up with a equal and fair custody schedule. She filed for sole legal and physical custody, while I have filed for joint physical and joint legal custody. Her mother is only giving me one option of every other weekend as a schedule. I do not agree with this due to the fact that it is a sole custody schedule and it would limit my time with my daughter even more. I have given her several custody schedule options all being 50/50 such as; alternating weeks, 2/2/3, and a 5/2/2/5. She is arguing that none of these schedules are stable and bounces are daughter from house to house, and further insists on a every other weekend schedule. She is not breastfeeding. After are settlement conference before the judge, the judge is leaning in my favor and said that fathers deserve times with there children and he is not inclined to do an every other weekend schedule. This angered my daughters mother and since then she has taken it upon herself to have are daughter seen by a psychotherapist/counselor to get a professional opinion on the negative impacts of a joint custody schedule like the 2/2/3. She advised that such schedules could lead to future behavioral problems, bed wetting etc. etc. I disagree with these findings and am trying to find information to support it. I am very nervous about her using a doctors opinion against me and do not want to lose my daughter.

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