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Father's Issues / ExWife trying to move away with children
« on: Jul 24, 2015, 11:57:55 AM »
First off thanks for this forum. Its been a good resource.

Here is my story. I have been happily divorced for almost 4 years, separated for over 5. I have remarried and have an amazing wife and a beautiful family. My ex and I share joint legal and residential custody of my two boys, 8 and 4 (we were divorced shortly after he was born). When I got divorced I moved about 60 miles north to Cleveland to be closer to my work. My ex decided that she wanted to move north as well since the boys could be with their parents together. Currently we live about 2 miles apart in the same school district and have for the last 3.5 years. My oldest has cub scouts, karate, and school all in this community. I have my sons every Mon-Wed eve, Fri-Sun every other weekend. So technically I have them more than her. 

My ex recently started dating a guy who lives about 85miles away. She informed me today that she is planning to move in with this guy next summer and she is taking the boys with her. This will essentially nullify the schedule we have now as I will not be able to be part of their lives during the school year since they will be almost an hour and half from my house. EDIT: I forgot to add that my ex's new beau does NOT have any children of his own.

What are my options? I have just contacted an attorney but I am doing my own research too.

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