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Author Topic: Wendy McElroy, Knightsradio  (Read 1086 times)


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Wendy McElroy, Knightsradio
« on: Feb 19, 2005, 08:04:42 PM »
Wendy McElroy was interviewed on KRights Radio. Her interview can be
downloaded and/or heard at: http://www.krightsradio.com/wendyMcelroy.mp3
In that interview she made the following statement"
. "There has to be people saying, as in the sixties,
. `Hell no, I won't pay this child support. -- and do
. it in a public protest way -- not a private way,
. where they are picked off -- where
. they become prominent court trial cases"
We now have a man that is about to take this step … what will we do to
support him?

I learned of a man named Doug Cantrell yesterday. He was posting to
the MichDads Yahoo! website. One of his messages and a link is
provided at the end o fthis message. The website can be found at:
. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/michdads/?yguid=89571721

"Children learn what they live"


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