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Author Topic: Informed of new cs order w/ smiley face from Human Resources  (Read 1920 times)


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At this point in time. There is no use in struggling with MIFOC. They have determined that I will become homeless in paying for child support.

I have cancelled my upcoming CA surgery on the 08/22/2007. It is more important to pay child support. My physician has sent a letter to my employer requesting to work from home. As I was informed that medical disability is not a "reviewable" reason to review child support per MIFOC. The response was not reviewable for three years.

Tonight, I called my friends and the last week of this month will move the household into storage.

At that time will move into my explorer, and use the local truck stops to pay for showers. and laundry etc.

I have become a non parent who can not meet the demands of Our "Friend of Court. Nor at this time, will I be able to meet the emotional needs and or wants of my daughters.

Gawd dammit if they will make me a non payer.

I will do what ever it takes to keep current as they told me that medical needs are not a reason to review child support.

In reality today they increased child support.  Funny, I only make 10.00 an hour. Oddly enough child support is now at $525.50 a month - plus total costs of medical policy and out of pocket expenses.

I cried my tears and will now suck it up and do what is best for my children as I am no longer financially able nor do I  ability to pay for airline transportaton, nor can afford door to door pickup and drop off. I do not have the time off saved for such at work.

Calling my daughter's tomorrow to let them know that I cant financially afford to see the. I wil do my best to ensure something @ Christmas and in the future.  At this point in time, I can only ensure that their oldest Step sisters children on state financial assistane will benefit from the additional dollars sent. As my youngest is not allowed to drink milk or eat cereal as that is for the "babies". hmmmmmmmmmm The bottom line is that there is no messing with MIFOC. They have their adjenda figured out and will deal with it as they so desire.  

Thanks for listening. Sorry for the bemoaning of my situation.

Please, if You are about to cross into Michigan Friend of Courts life, do so with caution.

If anyone as the "Newest Download for Michigan  Friend of Court" would they please email it too me and or post it here please?   I doubt that I can "win" with MIFOC but I would like to know the real truth of actual child support that should be in place.

Thanks for listening,




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RE: Informed of new cs order w/ smiley face from Human Resources
« Reply #1 on: Aug 08, 2007, 05:22:01 PM »
Call your local law school. This sounds like the kind of case that a student might be willing to work with you on at no charge.


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RE: Informed of new cs order w/ smiley face from Human Resources
« Reply #2 on: Aug 22, 2007, 07:45:52 PM »
ok so heres the reality... you have the legal right to request a modification via your local court if there is a change of circumstance, a 10 hour job.. is a change, medical issues that will cause your income to decrease will also signify a change, my dh tried in CA to get a review via the child support office and for 4 years was denied, we finally bypassed them filed in court and our support was decreased by 200 per month.  According to federal law they cannot take more than 50% of your earnings including medical premiums.. so you better check into it.

You have to go to the county courts clerks office pick up the papers for modification of childsupport go to the family law help center have them help you and then file them,, use your dr. letter for evidence...
Sometimes you have to find the way around the one standing in front of you....


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