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Author Topic: Highly distressed father seeking advice  (Read 7870 times)


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Highly distressed father seeking advice
« on: Apr 03, 2005, 05:30:21 AM »
I am a highly distressed father that has had my 14th amendment rights impeded upon.   My ex-wife has often threatened me that she refuses to share our daughter with me and will do whatever she can to ensure I will never see our daughter again.

My anger first and foremost resides with the Family Relations System.  Our first appearance in front of a female Family Relations Counselor after our daughter was born was a complete nightmare!  I knew that my wife would do everything she could to prevent our daughter from having a relationship with me, so I refused to agree to her having primary residence.  The Family Relations Counselor then, in a very strong, commanding tone, instructed me that ‘You will give her primary residence, or Family Relations will recommend to the judge that [ex-wife] have primary residence and the court will force you to give it’.  Boy, was I intimidated!  I reluctantly agreed, with the knowledge that this counselor guaranteed me that I would have a ton more time with my daughter than I had then. (Never believe what they tell you)

I was completely snowballed by Family Relations.  They forced me to agree with things I should have never agreed to, causing me to have very little time with my daughter, and as she gets older, the visitation time decreases, though I was promised by Family Relations that it would increase.  Because I was forced to agree with them, at later times, they used it against me that I ‘agreed to it’ previously.

The Family Relations Counselor did not perform any type of investigation into the matter, nor did she visit either of our homes or interview either one of us.  She bullied me into agreeing to something that I never would have agreed to in a million years.  This type of power placed in the hands of a Family Relations Counselor that clearly does not have any stake in protecting the best interest of the child is extremely dangerous and biased.  I do not feel that the Family law system has the child’s best interest in mind unless there is clearly a case of abuse, alcoholism or mental illness.  

I am extremely hurt by the way I was ‘handled’ by Family Relations and feel that I, my daughter and the relationship between my daughter and me has been violated without ‘just cause’.  I feel the Family Relations department is the gap in the system, where father’s rights are continually impeded upon for no reason whatsoever.  Fathers are forced into having relationships with their children at the discretion of the mother.

What legal actions can I take upon the Family Relations Department, Family Law System and Judicial System who had no justification to impede on my 14th amendment rights?


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