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Author Topic: Child Suport  (Read 3471 times)


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Child Suport
« on: Jan 06, 2008, 08:30:34 PM »
First please forgive me if I am not in the right spot. These forums always confused me.

I am writing because my daughter may be in trouble for being behind in her child suport.

Three months ago she was order.

First can the state order childsuport if the custody parents does not enforce it.
The ex boyfriends parents has her son. and told her they did not file with childsuport.  She had to go to court one day for being on welfare 4 years ago. They found out then that the grandmother has been taking care of the child.

She makes about $7.00 and order and she has nothing left out of her check. In this day and age it so hard. And it not because she don't want to pay child support. If she had the money she would but she has nothing left. She talked to grandmother and told her she would give her whole tax check to catch up.

She is also 7 month pregnant. and she got a letter saying she is in contempt of court and called me crying afraid she will go to jail. She is about 700 behind. She was ordered 50 a week which is two hundred a month. She worked about 30 to 35 hours a week. She was bringing home  a little over 700 a month, Which you can't live off.

She has had a hard pregnancy on top of that and has been sick alot and of course missing work on top of that. So she has even been getting less. The doctor had her take a week off of work because he was worried because she was stress out and has not been gaining the weight he would like to see her gain and the baby has already turned.

She ended up quiting her job a week ago, because she was so worried. Yesterday she got the court paper in for being in temp. Will they put her in jail the prosecutor here from what I have heard is a hard and strict one. Is there anything she can do. If she give them her tax check she will be caught up and she is planing on going back to work a few weeks after the baby is due. She has no other way of getting the money and I can't help her and worry about them putting her in jail 7 months pregnant. She is only 25. She is a good girl. Her only bad side is just not having the money.

She is also scared that if jail they will take her new baby away from her when it is born. Can they do that.

Oh the reason she don't have her son is because she felt she couldn't not give him the life he needed at the moment  The father was in prison for 4 years, and was hoping to get him back. she has sign over temporary custody to her ex boyfriend mom and the court just automatically gave her custody. She cries all the time.

Please tell me if there is anything she can do.


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