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Author Topic: Contest Relocation/revisit Final order, custody, mom in Contemp  (Read 5989 times)

WA. Dad

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My X has filed a notice of relocation, she's moving 500 miles, to the same county where I live, and I would like to contest, only to revisit the Final Order and possibly get custody of my son or at least improve our visitation.

I know she messed with the dates of her move on her notice, she was already here when she filed notice, claiming she would be moving in 10 days, but was already here.
 Although I'm glad that my son is a lot closer to me, I still want to revisit the Final Order.  Any Comments ?

Brief history, and some concerns I have that I would like to address at the time of Hearing
left me at 3 mo. pregnant, didn't hear from her until a week before our son was born, I went to see son once a week for the 1st Mo., then with out any notice she moved, I didn't hear from her at all for 1 yr., until I was served, at hearing I was accused of abuse, stalking, etc, and judge ordered restraining/no contact order, & only gave me 1 hr a week supervised visits with my son, I drove close to 1000 mi. to see my son for 1 hr. I did this for months, until the GAL figured out all her claims were BS, they dropped the R.O. etc. but still limited me on the time I spent with my son, saying I had to work up to it because I was a stranger to him, then the mother not even bringing him to our visits, again I had to pay for her actions.

Childhood Immunizations, She's not taken our son for any, and claims she wont do it, he's 4 yr. old

Mother put her last name on our son's Birth Certificate,

Living conditions, possibly living in a old School Bus no water/bathroom, etc.Before she moved she called me saying she was moving, and that she knew nobody would like it but she was going to be living in a old school bus, Sm. Van/box type.
I just had him for 10 days and while driving he pointed toward the campgrounds where they were camping at and wanted to go see him mom, so I know they were living in the bus but not sure if it's still going on.

Home schooling mother claims she will home school our son, & I have no say
She claims she'll be schooling him, but she is working, I want him to attend public school where I live.

Mothers lifestyle, Mother has what I believe to be Borderline Personality Disorder,  she claims to be Bi sexual, & is exploring her sexuality with multiple partners, group, etc. and I have some real concerns as to who & what my son is being exposed to and some things that I've seen while staying with me, things of a light sexual nature.

Money owed me for her share of travel cost never paid, Final order stated she pay for cost of my travel for her share of travel distance 1/2, and she'd only paid me $ 10.00 towards Hundreds spent driving her half, so I want to get some kind of judgement for that.    she's in contempt on this.

Mother moved away from her city were Dispute resolution was being done, what now? new order for same here?
Final Order stated that if any dispute happened we try to resolve though a resolution/mediation service in her city, after one session, which only focused on my dropping the custodial interference charge I made on her, although their was much more I was looking to resolve, before the next session she moved, now leaving us without any way to resolve any disputes between us.

Or if it's better to not object to her relocation, and see if I can get a change of Venue into the County we both live now?
And what would that process be.

All help is greatly Appreciated   WA. Dad


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RE: Contest Relocation/revisit Final order, custody, mom in Contemp
« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2007, 11:31:18 PM »
One quick thing that I noticed.  Choose your battles wisely.  Pick the most important topic / issue.  Focus on that first.  I suggest addressing the mothers ability to parent.  Immunizations are very important and could be putting your child's life at risk.  

I would leave her lifestyle out of any issues that you would bring up in court because it may look like you are just throwing mud.

Birth certificate is not really an issue...it just hurts.

Try finding a dispute resolution center in your area to try and stay in compliance with the court order.  She is living in your area, so it should be ok.

I wouldn't object to the relocation.  I would assume that for at least the next six months your child will be living in your county and because of that you should be able to have your county assume jurisdiction.  It is the most convenient forum.  

I'd wait to address the home schooling issue.  She could always change her mind.  It's a woman's right to change her mind. (sarcasm)

Child protective services...gestapo...could help you address the living situation, but they can be a pain in the butt for you too.  The are a sticky bunch.

Good luck.

HD Dad

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RE: Contest Relocation/revisit Final order, custody, mom in Contemp
« Reply #2 on: Jul 05, 2007, 02:48:15 PM »
Good advise.

Can someone help me? I have been posting on the "Child Custody" section. When I select the "Washington State" section (or any state) NONE of the threads appear. The ONLY thing I can select is the most recent post (box to right) which comes up just prior to selecting the "Washington Section". In other words the ONLY post I could read is the one I am replying to.

SPARC Mangagement has been very helpful in responding to my emails. Solutions. Sorry if this isn't the place for this......I really want to get to my States Forum. Can't get any of the states forums to come up.

Again....very sorry.

Not sure how I will be able to read replies.


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