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Author Topic: Wrong Man Paid Scott Peterson's Ex-Girlfriend Child Support  (Read 1209 times)


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DNA Shows Man Who Paid Child Support to Amber Frey Wasn't Child's Father

Sept. 22, 2005 — A DNA test has shown that a man who was paying child support to Scott Peterson's former mistress Amber Frey is not her child's biological father.

Anthony Flores, 29, has been paying $175 a month child support for almost four years, but a DNA test found that there was 99.9 percent chance that another man fathered Frey's 4-year-old daughter. A Madera County, Calif., Court judge ruled Monday that child services should drop efforts to continue collecting child support payments from Flores as DNA tests found that the probable father of Frey's daughter was Modesto, Calif., restaurant owner Christopher Funch.

At a press conference after the ruling, Flores said he was satisfied with the ruling but felt deceived by Frey. He said he had been thrust into the public eye because of Frey's references to him in her book, "Amber Frey: Witness for the Prosecution of Scott Peterson."

"I feel foolish and I feel betrayed," Flores said. "I otherwise feel I was being cheated on. She was very convincing when she told me I was the only person who could be the father.

"It puts me in a position where there's a lot of questions now I'd like to have answered," Flores continued. "I want an apology."

Former Frey Attorney: Former Biological Father to Blame, Too

Amber Frey and Christopher Funch have not commented publicly on the ruling. Attorney Gloria Allred, who represented Frey during the Peterson investigation and trial but was not involved in the child support case, defended Frey.

"Amber in good faith always believed that Mr. Flores was her child's father," she told The Modesto Bee.

"Only after the results of a recent DNA test taken by the true biological father did Amber realize that Mr. Flores was not the father of her child," Allred said. "To the best of Amber's knowledge, Mr. Flores did not [take a test] and … he needs to take responsibility for his failure to do so."

newbielink:http://abcnews.go.com/US/LegalCenter/story?id=1149018&page=1&CMP=OTC-RSSFeeds0312 [nonactive]


Court Commissioner Nancy Staggs ordered the county to stop collecting support from Flores. He'll receive a refund of money paid since Funch passed the paternity test in late June.

Wilson alleged that Frey deliberately lied in a bid "to get him [Flores] to marry her" after he dumped her.

Flores told Frey he was "not ready to be a father" and gave her $450 to pay for an abortion, Wilson says.

But in her recent tell-all book, "Amber Frey: Witness for the Prosecution of Scott Peterson," Frey said she never considered terminating the pregnancy.

"Well, she took the money," says Wilson. "It says a lot about her credibility."

Wilson said he thinks Frey "had to have known" all along that she had slept with Funch around the time her daughter Ayanna was conceived.

Still, Frey took Flores to court for support and when he fell behind at times, the state took away his driver's license. Frey also called him "a deadbeat dad" in interviews.

Flores, who still calls the child "my daughter," fought for visitation with the child. When Frey refused, Wilson says he notified the court he planned to seek a paternity test. Soon, Wilson was notified that, "lo and behold," Funch was the daddy.

"Anthony is hurt and stunned by this," Wilson says. "He still refers to the child as 'my daughter.' And his mother thought she had a grandchild. They were lied to."


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RE: Wrong Man Paid Scott Peterson's Ex-Girlfriend Child Support
« Reply #1 on: Sep 22, 2005, 05:32:45 PM »
Gotta love the ridiculous Allred comment that the false father needs to take responsibility for never taking a DNA test.

Here's a guy who took the mother at her word that only HE could be the father, and it's still partially his fault that he was lied to.

A reasonable attorney would have just said, "I feel I was deceived by this woman" or "She truly believed he was the father" and left it at that.

But NOOOOOO, he's still to blame somehow.  Love it.


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