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Author Topic: Finally over...  (Read 1709 times)


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Finally over...
« on: Dec 23, 2003, 03:12:21 PM »
I was previously on the site under another name.  After a hearing in Sept I was awarded temporary custody of our child; but left the site because I found out that my ex had been reading my messages.  Well, now that the whole issue is over finally I wanted to come back once again & say thanks to everyone who has offered me advice.  We went back to court a couple of weeks ago & the judge declared that I be able to keep our daughter with me.  Her father has standard visitation....summers, school holidays, etc.  Which I offered to him in the beginning.  All this time & $$ could have been saved if he'd just agreed to things then; but that's neither here nor there.  Our daughter is doing well in school & has adjusted beautifuly...doing well in school & participating in extra-curricular activities.  And it was all worth it when I told her after the final hearing that she gets to stay with me & I saw the smile on her face.  :-)  I'm sure I'll have many child support battles in the future as her father has a history of being late; but my daughter is happy & that's all that matters.  My lawyer came up to me while waiting for our turn before the judge & informed me that my ex was willing to agree to me having custody if he got more visitation.  But, when it came time to set down & work out the visitation schedule he didn't ask for any extra days.  I would have given him as many as he wanted.  I know our daughter enjoys her time with him.  Also he wants to be notified of any school activities...no biggie.  I would want the same thing.  But, when I brought him stuff from her school that she'd done he left it behind a chair in the lobby of the courthouse.  I was glad I saw it so I could bring it back home.  Anyway....my 2 year ordeal is over.  Thanks to everyone for your support!


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