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Author Topic: Police Officers Unite to Defend Their Livelihoods  (Read 1104 times)


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Police Officers Unite to Defend Their Livelihoods
« on: Mar 31, 2005, 09:34:53 AM »

Police Officers Unite to Defend Their Livelihoods
Against False DV Allegations
March 31, 2005

The promo for this week's His Side--"Police Officers Unite to Defend Their Livelihoods Against False DV Allegations"--is below.    

We invite you to call the show and join the discussion in progress at 1-800-439-4805 (lines open this Sunday from 5-6PM PST).

For those who are outside of our radio stations' coverage ranges, you can listen to the show live this Sunday (4/3/05) via our station's excellent Internet stream at Listen Live.

His Side with Glenn Sacks can be heard on WSNR AM 620 in New York City and North-Eastern New Jersey, and on WWZN AM 1510 in Boston on Sundays at 10 PM EST. The show can also be heard in Southern California on KTIE AM 590 at 5 PM PST.

The audio archive of last Sunday's debate--"ACFC, ACES Leaders Face-off on Bradley Amendment"--can be heard by clicking here.

Major Columnist Trashes Fathers

Cynthia Tucker, Editorial Page Editor of the Atlanta Journal Constitution, trashed fathers today in her column Legislature's 'new day' full of old hurts. In one of the most bitter and contemptuous columns I've ever seen, Tucker described recent legislative efforts at child support equity sponsored by Fathers Are Parents Too as a "callous...assault for children." She wrote:
"After more than a decade of relentless pressure from angry, selfish noncustodial fathers [and, frequently, their second wives], the Legislature created a commission that is likely to reduce child support awards.

"In treating children from first marriages like old shoes to be tossed aside when they're out of fashion, the GOP-dominated Legislature abandoned its vaunted principles of family values and personal responsibility. They didn't hold divorced dads accountable.
"They were too busy listening to whining from those noncustodial fathers--complaints that centered on their needs, their wants, their frayed cuffs, worn soles and tiny black-and-white TVs...Hardly a reminder was uttered about adults' responsibility to provide for their minor children."

We contacted Tucker today and offered her a chance to come on His Side with Glenn Sacks and debate the issue with a representative from Fathers Are Parents Too but she declined. This is unfortunate--we are always very fair to our (many) opposition guests and I believe the debate would have been interesting and perhaps even fruitful. Our offer remains open should Tucker change her mind.

New Allies for the Fatherhood/Shared Parenting Movement

The American Coalition for Fathers and Children has collected some new and important allies for the Fatherhood/Shared Parenting Movement for its new ad campaign. The ACFC ran and will run ads in the 3/28/05 and 4/4/05 editions of the Washington Times National Weekly. The ad can be seen here. Particularly impressive is the support of groups such as the Independent Women's Forum and Concerned Women for America. The leaders of many influential conservative groups signed on, reflecting their increased awareness that the most serious threat to the family is divorce and current family court policies.  

Other signatories include: ABC television producer John Eisendrath, who played a major role last summer in our successful campaign to preserve the LaMusga move-away decision; Warren Farrell, author of Father and Child Reunion (and my ideological mentor); psychiatrist Dr. Mark I. Klein; and yours truly.

The complete list of signatories is below:

Stephen Baskerville, President, ACFC

Michael McCormick, Executive Director, ACFC

David Roberts, Chairman of the Board, ACFC

Phyllis Schlafly, President, Eagle Forum

Paul Weyrich, Chairman and CEO, Free Congress Foundation

William J. Murray, President, Religious Freedom Coalition

Dr. Don Wildmon, President, American Family Association

Concerned Women for America

Michael J. McManus, President, Marriage Savers

Dr. Allan Carlson, author, "Fractured Generations"

William Greene, President, RightMarch

Pacific Justice Institute

Heather Higgins, Chairman, Independent Women's Forum Urban League of Northern Virginia

Dr. Mark I. Klein, MD, board certified psychiatrist

Bryce Christensen, Associate Professor, Southern Utah University

David M. Wagner, Associate Professor, Regent University School of Law

John Eisendrath, Executive Producer, ABC's "Alias"

Dr. Warren Farrell, author, "Father and Child Reunion"

Glenn Sacks, columnist and nationally-syndicated radio talk show host

David Buchanan, author, "Gendercide and Human Rights"

Glenn Attacked in Los Angeles Times

Predictably, my Los Angeles Times column "Boys or Girls: Pick Your Victim" (aka Duke, Media Spin New Study to Hide Boy Crisis in Education, 3/20/05) has provoked a hostile reaction (see second letter) from the Duke researchers I criticized. As the Duke researchers noted, their study contradicts the notion of the "girl crisis" in education which has been posited by feminists since the early 90s. However, both the researchers and the media who reported on the study have been reluctant to publicize what the study really shows--that it is boys who have fallen behind.

The researchers, Kenneth C. Land and Sarah O. Meadows, accuse me of  "cherry-picking" from their data to support my arguments. However, I "picked" nothing, but instead looked at all 28 indices of child well-being which they studied (Table II "Gender Advantage in 28 Indicator Series," pages 36 and 37) and wrote:

"Boys and girls fared equally in six of the 28 categories studied by the researchers--and girls fared better than boys in 17 of the remaining 22."

The researchers had their spin blindly accepted by all newspapers with the exception of my column--here's a list of headlines we compiled:

Boys, Girls Are Faring Equally, Study Finds --Washington Post
Boys, girls fare equally in US--MSNBC
Boy-girl gender gap? Not so fast --St. Paul Pioneer Press
Boys, girls fare about the same, study concludes--Seattle Times
Study: Neither boys nor girls have it better--The Tallahassee Democrat
Boys, girls fare equally well in childhood, study finds--San Jose Mercury News
Study finds genders fare equally as youths --Detroit News
Genders faring equally, study of children finds--The State, SC
Study finds girls, boys fare equally--Palm Beach Post
Study finds narrower gender gap among U.S. kids; Overall, advantages for boys, girls don't make that much difference --Bergen Record
Study Finds Few Differences In Quality Of Life Between Boys And Girls--Science Daily (press release)
It should be noted that Washington Post Staff Writer Rob Stein, whose article was reprinted in many of the above papers, is also to blame. Stein even quoted education professor David Sadker, one of the architects of the fake "girls crisis" in education from the early 90s, and ended his article with an asinine parting shot from Sadker--"We all know the guys are going on to make more money." This in an article describing a study which clearly shows female advantage. To learn more about the "girl crisis" see my column Boys: The New Underclass in American Schools [Los Angeles Daily Journal, San Francisco Daily Journal, 4/15/02]).

To comment on the Duke researchers' letter or my column, write to letters@latimes.com .

Psychology professor Gordon E. Finley also wrote a Letter to the Editor on the subject--to read, click here.

Fox News Quotes My Column 'The Betrayal of the Military Father'

Fox News columnist Wendy McElroy's new column Military Dads Denied Father's Rights discusses the outrageous case of Gary S., a San Diego-based US Navy SEAL whose child was permanently moved from California to the Middle East against his will while he was deployed in Afghanistan after the September 11 terrorist attacks. McElroy quotes from my column on Gary, The Betrayal of the Military Father (Los Angeles Daily News, 5/4/03). To hear an interview with Gary on His Side, go to Two Years into Iraq War, Little Has Been Done to Protect the Rights of Military Fathers.


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As always, all information about the show can be found at HisSide.com. I welcome your comments and suggestions.

Best Wishes,
Glenn Sacks
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Police Officers Unite to Defend Their Livelihoods
Against False DV Allegations

Shot in the line of duty. Twice awarded the Medal of Honor. Named New Jersey Police Officer of the Year.  A highly decorated officer with an impeccable record. For 22 years police officer Eric Washington battled criminals on the streets of East Orange, New Jersey.  On January 21, 2001 Washington was ambushed and brought down--not by an ex-convict bent on revenge or a shadowy gunman but instead by a false domestic violence accusation brought by a mentally ill woman.

Under the Violence Against Women Act of 1994 and the 1996 Domestic Violence Offender Gun Ban, individuals, including police officers and armed forces personnel, are prohibited from possessing a firearm if they are subject to a restraining order regarding an intimate partner.  Yet restraining orders are notoriously easy to obtain. Unless the accused can get the order undone at a hearing--no easy feat in today's climate--any police officer's or serviceman's career is one flimsy accusation away from destruction. In New Jersey, state policy dictates that men lose their weapons simply when a woman makes a police report of domestic violence.

For many fathers, the destruction is double. Since restraining orders are often used as first strike weapons in divorce, falsely accused officers often have their careers destroyed at exactly the moment they are slapped with stiff child support obligations, spousal support, and legal costs.

Washington and 40 other falsely accused officers have banded together to form the Police Officer Solidarity Commission and fight these policies. Seattle family law attorney Lisa Scott frequently defends men targeted by draconian domestic violence policies. Eric and Lisa will join Glenn on His Side with Glenn Sacks on Sunday, April 3 at 5 PM PST/8 PM EST.  For those who are outside of our radio stations' coverage ranges, you can listen to the show live via our station's excellent Internet stream at Listen Live.  

You can call the show and join the discussion in progress at 1-800-439-4805 (lines open this Sunday from 5-6 PM PST).

To learn more, see:

Cathy Young's Hitting below the belt: Easy to get, hellish to deal with, restraining orders have become the ultimate weapon in domestic disputes (Salon.com, 10/25/99)

Woman Destroys Officer's Career with Accusation Found to be Baseless then Demands Half His Police Pension--see Wife can keep share of pension in divorce (MSNBC, 3/25/05)

Glenn's column Baseball Player's Domestic Violence Arrest Demonstrates How Men are Presumed Guilty in Domestic Disputes (Los Angeles Daily Journal, San Francisco Daily Journal, 8/8/02)

John Brumbaugh's story: After years of appeals, a technicality clears ex-police officer's name (Daily Breeze,  3/8/05) John, who appeared on His Side on 4/13/03, is a former Torrance police officer who successfully fought for over seven years to clear his name and get his life back after being falsely accused of domestic violence.

Stephen Baskerville's No Restraint on Restraining Orders(Human Events, 8/5/02)

Glenn's column New Report on Maternal Homicide Crisis: Myth-Making and Manbashing (Lexington Herald-Leader, 1/3/05)

Glenn's column 'Fatal Fathers' Myth Promoted in Wake of Peterson, Hacking Cases (Daily Breeze [Los Angeles], 9/17/04)

Glenn's column Attacks on American Muslims Reaffirm Wisdom of 2nd Amendment (Pasadena Star-News & Affiliated Papers, 9/19/01)

FRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICE v. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA--a challenge to the Lautenberg amendment.

His Side:Restraining Orders: Saviors of Abused Women or Child Custody Tactic? (2/27/05)

His Side: Father Spends 3 Months in Jail for Returning Phone Call (9/7/03)

His Side: Liz Taylor's Son-in-Law Says Taylor, Daughter Kidnapped His Two Year-Old Son (4/11/04)

His Side: Seattle Press Brands Cops as Batterers (8/3/03)

A comprehensive discussion of the both the politics and practical aspects of dealing with false allegations can be found in The Father's Emergency Guide to Divorce-Custody Battle by Robert Seidenberg and William Dawes, Esq.

His Side with Glenn Sacks can be heard on WSNR AM 620 in New York City and North-Eastern New Jersey, and on WWZN AM 1510 in Boston on Sundays at 10 PM EST. The show can also be heard in Southern California on KTIE AM 590 at 5 PM PST. To listen live via the Internet from anywhere in the world, go to Listen Live. Both radio and Internet listeners are encouraged to call and participate in the show live and on the air at 1-800-439-4805 (lines open Sundays from 5-6PM PST).

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