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Author Topic: 6 JOBS THAT COULD LEAVE YOU LOVELORN - Brought to you by Match.com!  (Read 1080 times)


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You decide what you think of this, I've got my own ideas...

Brought to you by Match.com!
Why is it that some of the most competent women in the corporate world consistently make poor choices in the personal department? No matter how many Ivy League diplomas hang on their office walls, these gals keep shooting themselves in their pointy–toed, Manolo Blahnik–clad feet.

Well, academic smarts don't necessarily translate into matters of the heart. And neither does professional career savvy. An objective bystander may be able to help identify the romantic weaknesses displayed by otherwise effective businesswomen. So take a good, hard look at your affairs of the heart. Are you one of these types?

1. Project Manager
Guys are projects. The ones that are finished aren't needy enough. You want to take on the fixer–uppers who show promise if only they'd get a job or give up the booze or get divorced. You are the reason so many guys complain that nice guys finish last. Your girlfriends have no doubt told you all this before, but you are so wrapped up in saving your latest undertaking from idleness or the bottle or the wife, that you dismiss their wise counsel and keep taking the abuse these immature creeps deal out.

2. Sales & Marketing
You advertise that you're available to the highest bidder looking for a trophy wife. When filling out the Match.com profile, you only look for guys with $150,000+ incomes. You invest a substantial portion of your own income in wardrobe and cosmetics to display your product to its best advantage. So why are you surprised when you find a captain of industry and he treats you like a possession?

3. Controller
Enough said.

4. Software Engineer
You're constantly working, even in your pajamas. Type A personalities aren't testosterone–dependent. Your work long hours, and what you can't finish at the office, you bring home. You never take vacations because you believe the office will fall apart without you. Only work makes you feel special and needed. Any relationship you may have withers from neglect.

5. Mergers & Acquisitions
You're only looking at the advantages the other guy brings to the table. You analyze age, pedigree, assets and liabilities and plug them all into your marital balance sheet. You'll try any negotiating ploy to get your chosen target to ink the contract, but you aren't willing to give anything in return.

6. Attorney
You overanalyze even the most promising guys. The smallest faults could cause problems later on, so you try to micromanage every aspect of the relationship. Any guy courting you is afraid you'll take him to court. When you whip out the prenuptial agreement, he takes a pass.

Recognize yourself? Let a quick search help you make Match.com your personal Human Resources Department!

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