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Author Topic: Relinquishment of Parental Rights  (Read 5722 times)


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RE: Kathy and Indigo
« Reply #30 on: Feb 28, 2004, 12:15:20 PM »
I have been ready what what the two have you have written the last few days.  Finally I had to respond.  

Kathy:  I beleive you came to this board to post your situation and get information and advice.  Is that right?

Indigo:  I believe you relpied giving your own personal story because it was similar as far as having a bio parent and a step parent (possible adoptive parent) Which is what Kathy was asking about.

Kathy:  Indy gave you her story.  You replied with some questions.  Indy inturn responded with even more personal details.  You inturn asked more questions, this time telling Indy your personal point over of how wrong she is.  Indy never said the Bio dad had no money.  She said Bio dad is not financial responsible for his son.  This is ok with Indy and her current husband.  It is also ok with Bio dad that Indy's current husband is the "dad" because bio dad himself knows he is not the best parent for Indy's child.  You also said Indy should not have trusted bio dad after 6 yr leave of absence.  It is Indy's responsibility to her child to let her son have a relationship with both parents.  You said yourself your step daughter would rather be with you and her dad, but do you really think she wants to never see her mom again?  The women is still her mom;good, bad or other.

Indy:  I have read what you have to say many many times.  You have always been upfront and honest.  I have read times were you admitted you may have said the wrong thing the first time round, and I have read were you stick to what you say due to your firm beliefs.  I personlly applaud you for the decisions you have made.  I respect your hubby for being the "dad" and still helping the bio dad be a father when he is around.  Your son truely has three great parents.  I am sure when he grows up he will love and respect you all for giving 100% of what you all have to give.

Kathy:  Indy gives more than 100%.  Her hubby gives more than 100%.  And Bio dad give 100% of what he can.  Not everybody's 100% is the same.  I really think when you come and post asking for help and advice you should stick to reading and asking questions, not judging and making accusations.  Take what you want to assist you and your needs.  Leave the rest alone and keep quiet.  Certainly asking questions to clear up something is one thing, but tossing mud around is putting you in the same boat as the bio mom you came here talking about.




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