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Author Topic: Mom tellin daughter lies... Help  (Read 2272 times)


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Mom tellin daughter lies... Help
« on: Aug 12, 2009, 04:55:09 PM »
OK no idea on how to really deal with this situation here. Any suggestions on what action I should take would be greatly appreciated.
Today My daughter who is age 7 asks me... Dad do you remember when I was a little kid and your were picking me up and my door was not all the way closed and you tried to hit my mom with your car.
So of course I tried to explain to her that that never happened. Her response was to say it did happen because her mom told her so. and that't the truth.
So I grab a video camera and have her basically tell me the whole thing again.
I ask her if she has ever seen daddy be mean to anyone?.... NO
I ask her if she has ever seen daddy try to hit someone with his car.... NO
Has your daddy ever hit or hurt you.... NO
So why do you think daddy would do something like that? Maybe you was mad at my mom
I tell her again that that never happened and sometimes when someone is mad an someone they say things that they don't mean... etc.
Now just for the record... we did have a situation like this occur... Not to the extent that the mother described... But basically during some words, she wanted to deny me my visitation after the child was all ready buckled in the car. The windows were down and her door was open. I locked the door and started backing up, then hit the brakes to make the door shut. Mother then came around the the drivers door to try and crawl through the window or something. I told her I was leaving etc. She jumped off... End of story.
Police were called.... I talked to the officer... explained what happened. They told me I did nothing wrong etc and nothing became of it.
I realise that I am on the wrong end of a smear campaign and I intend on talking to her mom about this... which is like talking to a brick wall....
Anyways any suggestions


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Re: Mom tellin daughter lies... Help
« Reply #1 on: Aug 12, 2009, 10:40:30 PM »
Tell DD the truth as you know it.  Tell her without saying anything negative about her mother (except that the story BM tells isn't quite the way things happened).  And get yourself a copy of Divorce Poison by Warshak.
Keep track of the wrong, negative or inappropriate things that BM is saying or doing to your daughter.  Document, document, document!
And be on guard not to get yourself in that kind of situation again - hard to do sometimes, I know.


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