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Author Topic: BM is late picking up child  (Read 10455 times)


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Re: BM is late picking up child
« Reply #20 on: Jan 05, 2010, 02:10:45 PM »
good luck!

Kitty C.

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Re: BM is late picking up child
« Reply #21 on: Jan 05, 2010, 02:29:05 PM »
WOW, NYP!!!!!!!  You did GREAT!  I hope you got a LOT of pics/video of you and your DD and I know you have a lot of great moments to hang on to!  I also hope you got the name of that police officer you had all the phone conversations with........he might be very useful if you need him in court.
Kidnapping??  What a hoot!  I suppose the BM would get highly PO'd if you appeared by phone, too......you think?  Something to ask your atty. in TX about........
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Re: BM is late picking up child
« Reply #22 on: Jan 05, 2010, 03:27:36 PM »
Of course there is absolutely nothing to justify an emergency or rushing a modification hearing.

After not complying with the original NY jurisdiction even a casual observer can determine she is manipulating the entire judicial process to gain favorable rulings in her expectant bias and prejudical forum.   

I hope you notify the NY judge of what she has promoted and that you give serious consideration to entering the Federal system (PKPA).

Great job politely and intellingly taking a stand and respectfully handling the police.  Seems you CYA but I would brush up on the Custodial Interference criminal statues (this site) if you haven't already. Child may not have to be removed from the state under those statues.

This BM theatrics and history are harming your child and the best thing that could happen to stop her BS is for a judge to reprimand her (and family) biligerent, obnoxious  manipulating behaviors.

I suspect your presence will be pleasing to a TX judge especially when you let him know the great time ya'll had touring his great state but you're sorry you had to miss the Fat Stock Show.
Again ... good job COWBOY !!!!!!   Did you make it to Texas stadium ??


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Re: BM is late picking up child
« Reply #23 on: Jan 06, 2010, 12:12:38 PM »
Oh yeah....his name and badge number were the first things I got when I called him back.  I finally got the affidavit and their motion....it's full of crap.  They're trying to say that I am in contempt because I didn't give the mother a month's advance notice regarding this "vacation", that I didn't give her an address where the child would be staying, and that I did not give her a phone number where the child would be.  Except that when I wrote the letter to her I told her that if she didn't pick her up it would be considered visitation and that I would be staying in the the state of TX.  Under the visitation portion of the CO it states that I am to stay in a hotel in the state of TX.  It does not state that I am required to give her address or phone number.  That's only under the vacation portion of it.

My attorney told me that they cannot move with the hearing of contempt because I was served incorrectly and not within the timeframe (I was given 3 days notice and I wasn't served personally only through attorney on file). 

I decided to retain another attorney though.  So I had my attorney file a motion to withdraw as counsel.  I don't think he's aggresive enough to handle her attorney.  Whenever I told him what I wanted, he got very sensitive and took it personal if we didn't agree.....I can't work with someone like that.....so I am looking for someone else to deal with the modification portion of it. 

If anyone knows a good attorney in the DFW area, please let me know.  It has not be someone affordable too, I mean I have already retained two attorneys thus far and I see how expensive it gets quickly.  I loved my attorney in NY....aggressive and let me be as involved as I wanted in order to keep cost down.  This other attorney I was working with in TX didn't want me to do anything (not even write my own affidavits).  I would feel better with a referal than simply finding someone online.

Davy- yes, I got to see many of the major cities in TX. 
Kitty- have a lot of pics and video.....plus memories to last a lifetime.  Like I said before, whatever hassle I am dealing with is worth the extra time I got with DD.


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