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Author Topic: OPINIONS NEEDED  (Read 2991 times)

mommy nurse

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« on: Sep 06, 2012, 08:43:39 PM »
Here we go.  My situation and court order in April, my ex has our daughter on school days and I have her every other weekend.  This becomes the opposite on summer.  We have joint legal custody.  She attends school 24 miles away from me.  She's 4, has mild autism and in a special ed class.  We are in CA. 

Now this AM, I went to school and gave my daughter kisses and hugs before her school started and I left for work.  Half an hour later, I received a text from him stating I am not supposed to be there and he will instruct the school to kick me out when I go.  I responded to his immaturity that unless a court order will tell me that I am not allowed to go and see her in school, I will be there whenever I can.  Since school started, he never returned my call for me to speak with our daughter, he said I would have to wait until my weekend to come. This is his game ever since.  He is a sociopath.  Extremely manipulative.  He continued his rants thru texts and I never responded.  I know he's not making any sense and I know my rights. 

When our daughter started school in March of this year, he informed me he included me in the paperwork for school.  He did not even informed me of the parents orientation and good thing I called.  He was very mad when I was there that day, gave the school district a copy of the court order that we have joint legal custody and I needed to be updated with all things from now on.  in her paperwork at school, I discovered that he wrote down: Mother's address:  "don't know".  Mother's phone number: "none".  Anyhow, I straightened this up and gave them my whole info.  Is this a form of parental alienation?  If so or not,  how should I handle this situation?  i have a lawyer and I am just waiting for him to gather everything up and file.  But I wanna know more about this through all the experiences of forum members here.


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« Reply #1 on: Sep 06, 2012, 09:32:38 PM »
This is no longer monitored by a lawyer.  It's more for research than new posts.  Also, posting the same information in different forums will only confuse those who respond to you. 
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