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Author Topic: Calling All Angels for Help  (Read 3459 times)


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Calling All Angels for Help
« on: Oct 26, 2012, 11:23:35 PM »
My son decided that he wanted to try and have a relationship
with his father. He moved to Texas to live with him this past summer.
He will be 14 in February of 2013.

My son was born dead, and brought back to life twice.
He has some neurological disorders.
He attends special ed in school, and takes medication to help him focus/ study.

Last year he passed the 7th grade with an accumulative GPA of a C.
He did not flunk any of his classes.

His father and I were never married: We share joint, legal custody.

It is almost November, and I just found out that my son is in the 7th grade AGAIN
this year. I was not told by his father, and I was not informed by the school.
I was informed by another principal at a different school who was concerned as to what was going on.

Ever since school started this fall, my son's father has been regulating my son's telephone calls to me & monitoring them. He listens to everything my son says to me. This has stopped him from telling me that he has been forced to take the 7th grade over again this year.

The school has been quite nasty to me in regard to their email communication. They have taken my son out of his special education classes. His father has refused to administer his medication. My son is currently failing class. He was able to pass the 7th grade last year, and ALL of his other prior grades WHEN he was on his medication and WHEN he was in special ed/ with accomodations. I am already afraid of the emotional turmoil this has caused my child.

As a joint, legal custody parent I have equal rights. The school has refused to acknowledge this. I have sent them the court documents. I have also asked if they are discriminating against me because I don't physically reside in the sate of Texas. They refuse to answer. My son's father has broken many different areas of the court decree.

At this time, I am searching for a very good attorney that would be willing to take on the case.

I have kept very accurate documentation to the school, superintendant, and to the Board.
I am not speaking with an ego when I say that I feel this case might very well qualify for a Pro Bono case.

I am a former, legal secretary for an Associate Warden. This was my professional job inbetween grad and undergrad:
I went to court multiple times per week.

Please let me know if you can assist me.
I have a lot more information that I can relay...


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Re: Calling All Angels for Help
« Reply #1 on: Oct 27, 2012, 05:50:09 AM »
Schools are run by the states and not the federal gov't. Each state has their own requirements to graduate and each district within the state has different classes offered and different special ed programs.

His new school may not have the same type of special ed classes. Some have only small classes and not inclusion classes so maybe the choice was put him in small class (which may have had severe disabilities or reg class). A decision was made to keep him in 7th, redo it, so he can succeed in their programs they offer.

There is a letter on this site requesting educational records, send that letter to them certified mail. You are entitled by law to those records no matter what.

This case is a full custody case and would costs thousands and months in court which is why you won't see too many lawyers to this for free. This is a normal case in family court. Son is a teen and has more say now in court. If he wants to stay with his father then you will have a hard time switching custody again.

From your other post about his step-mother. Safety on the internet is first but his father and step mother are parenting him too (and now have custody). You are starting to see what you did to them. Follow the court order for communication.


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