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Author Topic: dad wtih custody  (Read 7164 times)


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counter peition filed by ex
« Reply #50 on: Mar 13, 2007, 04:07:44 PM »
I agree but my child wants to spend some time here. I really care about my ex eventhough she might not believe it. but she's my childs mother and for two people to have a child together means that at one time you loved each other enough to bring a child into this world that's both yours and the other parent. Every child needs both parents in their lives and i strongly encourage a loving relationship with all.

However. i've tried to work things out with her outside of court and she woudn't agree to anything. I'm at a loss but I can say that I really do care for my ex. If she needed me, i'd be there for her. But my child needs to have time with my family during the holiday season and at least alittle during the summer. Plus her mother needs to help support our child as it's her duty.

I strongly encourage all readers to read the following in the bible.
Psalms 139. :)


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