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Author Topic: Almost 16yo daughter is refusing to go visit her dad  (Read 7469 times)


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Re: Almost 16yo daughter is refusing to go visit her dad
« Reply #10 on: Nov 10, 2014, 07:00:14 AM »
I agree with ConcernedFather.... as a CP, I didn't give my custodial girls a choice as to whether or not they could or could not go see their dad.  I set the tone  -- they knew that -- and yes, they were always sent into an unfriendly environment (their SM admitted that to me and apologized and then had another episode).  On the flip side, my EX#2 decided that it was our son's choice....and at first our son moved...and later moved back, and then dad (and son) got their butts chewed by the judge who was in court that day (Retired Supreme Court Justice) about dad's attitude (and a gentle but definitive push to our son).  For our son, that worked.....for dad -- well, a narcissist is always right.

About the jurisdiction -- I'm betting that the ONLY reason it was allowed to move is that dad didn't fight it.  I moved -- thank you military -- and fought this subject in court.  When I got custody, Dad didn't want jurisdiction to follow our son because dad was still in WV.  I said no problem the law supports you.  The judge actually didn't agree with me in court and I said I wanted to keep jurisdiction in WV because then all the history (which was NOT favorable to dad) stayed with our case.  Two years later, I was told by the same judge that I was right.  There's a clause that says that says something about both parties having to leave.....   Ocean is right, we've seen people "state shopping" mainly through NCP posts here at this site.....which has been open for what over 15 years?     I just approached the subject because you said you didn't have an order from this summer's hearing -- and thought maybe THAT's the reason why.  I do think it's a big deal....and also think you got lucky.   

Christmas is the priority now....and I hope that you can put a good plan in motion with some of these ideas behind it.  Start taking the stance of "You're going, I just don't know when. He's still your dad and you have two years left."


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