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Author Topic: Visting with my niece  (Read 4068 times)


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Visting with my niece
« on: Mar 06, 2016, 04:28:20 AM »
I want to start as bluntly as possible to get a correct answer or something.

So in 2010 my older brother had been getting into trouble in and out of prison since 2005 and when he got out early 2010 he met his childs mother she was pregnant while he went to jail again. She gave birth to their daughter and gave her my brothers last name. She would drop off their baby with me weeks to months at a time. With rediculous excuses i didnt care that is my blood ill do anything for blood. So i would watch the baby mother would go do whatever come back whenever to get her.

Well my brother got out of prison into a sober living home, seen their baby and the mother didnt even want her to begin with i could tell with the periods of time i had kept the baby. So they realized they werent good for eachother and seperated ways. He would get his daughter whenever she was really messed up on drugs or alcohol. She would tell my brother shes signing her right away to him she dont want her or him in her life and when we would go to pick up the baby she wouldnt be there or she would have a bunch of guys waiting there to beat up my brother.

All along the mother would play head games with my brother and pretty much hold his daughter over his head if he didnt do whatever it was the mother wanted or needed or pretty much demanded for at that time. So stressed out depressed my brother got back into the crowd he was in started selling drugs the mother then started hanging with my brother. And with a year in 2011- 2012 my brother and his childs mother had gotten 3 different cases with the same drug and gun and drug proceeds and running from cop charges on them both. My brother was federally indited and sentenced to 8 years federal prison.

the mother got 5 years state prison while in custody cps had told my brother if he signed his rights away he would be able to contact his daughter when he get out. If dhs terminates his rights then he will not be able to get pictures write nor try to contact her at all. Said that dhs will terminate his rights whether he signs them away or not. so he figured its better to be in contact then nothing at all. so he signed his rights away. the mother there said if dont want her then she dont either and signed her rights away making it look like they didnt even want the baby. Which wasnt the case at all.

So dhs worker kept in contact with my brother for a little while said he had pictures of his daughter which he had never got he dont know where she is nor what shes doing if shes ok nothing at all. Dhs was trying to give me gardianship im the babies aunt. they said since i have 3 kids at that time now i have 4 and 1 on the way, they said i would need a bigger house so a friend of family let me stay in a 5 bedroom house they had just sitting there getting broke into and stuff.

They figured it would help them and me them for costs of damages and me to get the baby. well couple weeks went on and dhs worker calls and says im denied because of my past history with dhs. I think is very unfair seems how i Did everything the day after my kids were took from me by the police who had it in for me in the first place, I started taking ua's voluntarily paying for every class drug test did everything i could. got my kids back with 5 months from dhs and still did classes drug tests for 2 years after the time i got my children back.

2 1/2 years later my case was closed with reunification and i had gotten full custody of my kids from their dad which he wanted them to go to a foster home so he wouldnt have to pay child support is what he told the judge, right before he granted full custody and ordered him pay me child support. So I think that I should have some kind of visiting rights atleast oris there anything i can do to find out where my niece is nobody even knows her mother since all of this or during this she had signed for 20 years in prison for shooting with intent to kill. Now is there any way i can get something done about this thanks....


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Re: Visting with my niece
« Reply #1 on: Mar 06, 2016, 05:29:11 AM »
Honestly.....since you have, mom has, dad has, a messy past, you might need the muscle of an attorney to wade through everything.

Pro se (represent yourself) litigants have a tendency to get ignored by the "system".....and that would be my advice.  Wonder if you would qualify for legal aid?  Or do you have a law school nearby that could help?

Or contact your state's pro bono office and see how you can get free legal advice or representation.


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