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Author Topic: trying to regain equal custody back  (Read 1276 times)


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trying to regain equal custody back
« on: Nov 25, 2007, 09:31:56 PM »
Hello and god bless all. I am a 28 year old father of a 4 year old girl and have been in my daughters life since her birth. Back in March of 2007 a milwaukee county family court judge took my 50/50 custody of my daughter away simply because i did not attend co-parenting counseling with my childs mother. I made numerous attempts to attend the counseling but the counselor refused to take my insurance even after i verified that it would be covered. Besides that the judge had no reasons to do what she did, other than the fact that she NEVER looked into previous court records and in my eyes simply made a "gender biased decision". Also, the judge was a new judge to the family court and was FRESH out of criminal court.

     Since March i only get to see my daughter every other weekend and the mother has done just about everything in her power to squash the relationship that me and my daughter had. She has changed doctors without telling me any of the info, she witholds my court ordered visitation times, she has moved without informing me of where my daughter lives. She has told all medical providers that i am not entitled to info regarding my daughter (the court order states otherwise). She has failed to do just about everything that the court order states that she is obligated to do.

     My daughter was used to seeing me on a 50/50 basis since she was 1 year old. My daughter had a sibling baby brother added to her life during the 50/50 placement (which was kept secret from the judge by the mother attorney) There were 2.5 years of previous court activities where all of the judges kept it at equal custody and i am wondering what my chances of re-gaining 50/50 placement are???? I have been calling my daughter on a daily basis, the mother never lets her talk to me or lets her call me, my daughter runs from the mom when she comes to pick her up from me. The mother did not allow my own daughter to be at her sibling baptism, birthday, or my own wedding. There is severe parental alienation going on here and this is all because of a un informed judge. I have previous social worker records that state why "sole" custody would be harmuful for the mother, but yet the judge never even looked into the previous records. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP MY DAUGHTER OUT HERE!!!!!! I love her, she has been torn from my life, her step moms life and everyone on the paternal side of her family and the more negative things the mother gets away with the happier she is. Anyone that reads this please help me out, i have tons more that i could go into detail about but tried to keep it as short as i could.  


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RE: trying to regain equal custody back
« Reply #1 on: Nov 26, 2007, 09:05:23 AM »
See a local attorney. In general, it's hard to change a family court ruling, but a local attorney might be able to help.


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