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Author Topic: Erin Brockavich?  (Read 8921 times)


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Something else you don't realize....
« Reply #40 on: Aug 03, 2004, 02:16:25 AM »
In the MOVIE, the people that were fighting were of BOTH sexes, and were fighting for a CIVIL settlement.  Worst case, if they lost, they were in the same position that they were in BEFORE.  We, on the other hand, have to go before these SAME judges, again and again.  And don't think that if we "fight" their decisions, they will retaliate.  and that can mean higher child support, less visitation, stricter rulings and possible problems.  A far cry from "losing" one civil suit.


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RE: Erin Brockavich?
« Reply #41 on: Aug 03, 2004, 12:29:50 PM »
Yes, Erin Brockavich also had 3 kids (single mom) and didn't receive a dime of cs from her 2 deadbeat exes who left her and their kids.


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RE: Erin Brockavich?
« Reply #42 on: Aug 05, 2004, 04:03:15 PM »
   Come on. Why do people critisize, pick apart , analyze or just point out the faults of what others have to say? I'm talking about the idea of getting all the fathers or even stepmoms together to be a real voice against the injustice thats happening in the court systems with custody, visitation and child support. I did'nt literally mean do exactly what " Erin Brocavich " did in the movie. Just the idea of getting everybody together. Obviously that will not happen. Obviously it has been thought of and tried to the frustration of other fathers who had hopes of actually being able to know and love their children ; and for other fathers in the same situation to be able to know and love theirs. "United we stand, divided we fall." There seems to me to be a kind of simple wisdom that has a lot of truth in those words.


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