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Author Topic: false restaining order warrant  (Read 1283 times)


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false restaining order warrant
« on: Apr 25, 2004, 05:28:37 PM »
How do I deal with False claims of violating a TRO?  I have a warrant with the city that I have to turn my self in for. I live in a different state and did not in any way violate any order. Why do I have to sit in jail for three days while they investigate me and pay a bond of $1000.00? Oh yeah by the way I have to prove my where abouts with out knowing I had to show that I didn't violate anything and cant find out when where & how I voilated the TRO until I turn my self in. Luckily I found out before the court date so I wouldn't have to be arrested in front of the court and my family.


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RE: false restaining order warrant
« Reply #1 on: Apr 25, 2004, 07:29:34 PM »
I gave a few suggestions on the father board. Hope they help. start compiling your reciepts by date, that way when you find out when you were supposed to have violated, it will be easier to find. Call your phone company and tell them you need detailed calls of your phone number. It will take about 5 days to get copies sent, or go down and pick them up.

Sounds like you have one sick PBFH on your hands. I have one just like her. It is just a ploy to better her position in court. They will do anything to keep the dad away.

I don't even raise my voice. Takes a bunch, just to get a rise out of me.
Never touched her in any way. The only thing I want is time with my son.

The best advice I can think to give you, is no matter what, take the high road. Do what is best for your kids. It's people like this that will eventually hang themselves, with enough rope.

I can not stress the importance to document. If you have an attorney, get your butt in and talk to him about this violation. Might also be a good idea to keep a camera on you at all times. When I got my RO, the ex followed me like a puppy dog, along with her parents. Made phone calls, blocked them, but now they have technolgy to unblock those calls.

Get yourself documenting in a time tracker, either the one here at Sparc or Parentingtime.net. With a person like this, I would also include keeping track of all my activities throughout the day. Cover your butt! It would not surprise me if she has some other ideas up her sleeve...

"Children learn what they live"


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