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Author Topic: A monster among us - in Oregon  (Read 1384 times)


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A monster among us - in Oregon
« on: Feb 04, 2005, 06:21:56 PM »
My Husband (J - for short) had joint custody in all respects for two years after his divorce.  They divorced due to his ex-wife (M) cheating on him, and taking their youngest child (then 2) on her dates with the "new" man.  Last year, "M" sued us for full custody, and got it.  Now, 6months after the last custody battle, "M" is suing us again.  "M" has denied visitation for the past 8 weeks.  She even went to the schools and advised them that me, nor "J" was able to contact (in any and all ways) the two children.  "M" now continues to take the youngest child (now 8) out of school early to avoid allowing us to pick him up on our "scheduled visitation days".  And, the oldest boy (age 12) has told "J" that they will be in "big trouble" if they go with either of us.  He now sneaks out the back doors of the school to go with his mom.  
Last week, the boys told "J" that I (step-mom) calls them names when "J" is not around.  (so untrue - and my husband and many others will dispute this sort of thing)
Between not informing us of school activities, grades, and accomplishments, and the lack of knowledge regarding medical issues of the children, on top of not seeing the boys for 8weeks, we are ready to fight for full custody!  I am the "stronger" of us in this area, so I am trying my darndest to get all of the legal forms etc together (as we cannot afford a lawyer again so soon - along with still paying child support at $600/month).  I want to try for contempt, and a discovery motion to see what (in the motion we were served all they list is what "M" says the children tell her) if any proof they have, as we can (and will) prove that the allegations are false.  If you can help, please let us know.  I just found your website today, and we need to file by Tuesday of next week.  Thank you for your consideration,  Autumn


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