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Author Topic: Feedback please.  (Read 3322 times)


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to torture your @$$
« Reply #10 on: May 12, 2004, 11:12:58 PM »

she's diggin' deep into the barrel and this is her last bullet to try and hurt you.  she's doing this because she can't let go...because if she can't have you....she'll have you this way.

this is happening because you have moved on with your life and she hasn't.   envy is a green, green monster.


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RE: to torture your @$$
« Reply #11 on: May 13, 2004, 04:41:37 AM »
I have taken steps to resolve the situation. My ex will not be privy to any of it.

If she wishes to make it an issue, according to the AG office, she will have to file in court,, and pay for myself and Peanut to be dna tested by them. Prior to my being set aside as the legal father, she will have to have another one all lined up. Personally, I cant see ANY man agreeing to fill my shoes and deal with her.

Furthermore, the gloves are off. The local pd would like to speak to my ex about warrants she has here the next time she is in town.

I cant really see her wanting me,, she has gotten married after a lengthy 2 week romance. I almost feel sorry for the guy.


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