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Author Topic: bio mom  (Read 3142 times)


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bio mom
« on: May 13, 2008, 04:19:32 PM »
To make a long story short:  My husband gained custody of his twins about 7 yrs ago.  They are now 11 yrs old.  We moved to mankato in sept of 07.  it moved the kids about 100 miles from their mom.  we told her that we would drive 2/3 of the way on her weekends.  sometimes farther if we could do it.  within the past 2 weeks- she has moved 30 miles closer to us.  so we asked her to meet 1/2 way now.  (which is only 14 miles of a difference for her).  she threw a fit!  she has been calling the kids' father a stupid A$$ hole TO  the kids (not just in front of but TO).  she told them she wasnt going to pay for a mothers day gift from them for their "step B!tch" (me and also said that TO the kids).  Then asks the daughter if that hurts her feelings that she talks about us like that.... daughter said no it doesnt cuz (as the daughter states) shes afraid mom will start yelling and be mad at them.  the son- goes to her house and tells mom things (truths and lies) and told me that he does that so that she is "nicer" to him.  
Those are a few of the most recent issues.  she sends them home in clothes that are 2 sizes too small, she used to make them sleep together in the same bed- up until about a month ago.  when my hubby first asked her about it- she told the kids to lie(they did in fear of what she might say or do).  then we found out later on that she did that, and he once again confronted her. it finally stopped and then she moved.  
We are just sick of her and her crap.  it is so unhealthy for the kids to hear and see this kind of behavior.
is there anything we can do?


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RE: bio mom
« Reply #1 on: May 23, 2008, 11:08:58 AM »
You can't do anything about the driving without changing the CO.  If it says you drive 2/3 of the way, then that's what you'll have to do.  If it does state that you might want to clarify it.  What is she moves 200 miles away?  You'd have to drive 2/3 of the way until the CO is updated.  If your order does not address driving yet (and you just have a verbal agreement to drive 2/3) you might want to look into updating it.  We've had driving issues for years and they didn't go away until it was spelled out in the CO and took the power way from BM and her BS.

Good luck.


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