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Author Topic: An open letter to SPARC and Brent  (Read 1502 times)


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An open letter to SPARC and Brent
« on: Jan 03, 2004, 08:25:26 PM »

Dear Sparc Administrators,

I am a little confused.  I have been reading the many many post made by Brent on this board.  I was under the impression that this board was set up to help parents learn how to protect their rights and raise their children in a way that benefits the children.  I was under the impression that this board was designed to help parents not bash women.

I will admit that I have not read SPARC’s Mission Statement but would like to request that you post a link and make it public so that people do not confuse what you are here for.  

I realize that I do not have to read Brent’s post, no one has to read them for his message heads are graphic enough.  I thought that this was a family board and yet we are exposed to the foulest language, the sickest reports, and posts that clearly are not family oriented but instead lend an atmosphere of “The War of The Genders!”   Have I been so naïve as to think that this board is here to help both male and female?

I have not read posts from anyone who has taken it upon him or herself to tell the vilest stories about males.  Why do you allow this sort of war mongering to go on so frequently?  How can women who are NCP’s feel comfortable seeking help from SPARC only to blasted away at by a person who is clearly a “woman hater?”   And can a person who generalizes about women in a clearly demeaning and mentally abusive way, really be a person who will help without bias, or letting his personal hatred get in the way?  I am not talking about the news stories that he seeks out, but his personal references made about women in general.  that includes me and every woman on this board as well as the wonderful professional women who offer their time to help people on this board.  

I for one am tired of his generalized female bashing.  He cannot even make up his mind what part of the female he wants to bash, so he just bashes everything!  One post he is bashing stay at home moms, the next he is bashing working moms.  

SPARC needs to make up its mind just what kind of board you want to be.  You have a good thing going here.  Please don’t let it be ruined by hatred, gender bashing, and sick, vile, posts, especially when the posts are irrelevant to what you are trying to accomplish here.   It is truly embarrassing.  I think Brent has some real issues here and it does not look good for SPARC.  

 I know this will probably get me kicked off the board, but surely there is somewhere else out there an old woman can go to that doesn't have someone posting NUMEROUS times a day and in NUMEROUS places, trying to make me feel like scum because of my gender.  I thought he was an administrator of this board?  It is not very professional behavior.  If he did that sort of thing on a job, he would be fired!  that should tell you that it is not appropriate.  

This is not the place for this sort of thing. Men and Women come here for help.  Brent needs to take his need to gender bash to separate board, and let this one get on about the business of helping parents, female and male learn how to raise the children properly after divorce.   Thank you for your time and trouble.  


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RE: An open letter to SPARC and Brent
« Reply #1 on: Jan 03, 2004, 08:36:59 PM »
In Brents defense, he posts a disclaimer that the views are not SPARCS. Further, in case you hadnt notied, there IS a gender war going on, and for the most part, men are losing it.

So far as views expressed about ncp, I havent seen anything that could be called gender bashing, further, some of the things Brent has posted, come under the heading of public service.

Other items, I consider to be raising public awareness. If posts disturb you,, what part is disturbing?

If you feel like scum due to your gender, please take it up with your therapist. Personally, I dont feel in least bit diminished by womens groups that refer to me as a "deadbeat dad". Simply,, because,, I am not. But,, the gender bias, IS alive and well in the courts, and facts cannot be denied that a larger percentage of women do not pay the ordered suppor than men ;)

Have a nice day


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RE: An open letter to SPARC and Brent
« Reply #2 on: Jan 04, 2004, 06:17:39 PM »

you said: "One post he is bashing stay at home moms, the next he is bashing working moms."

i think if you reread his posts, you'll find that he "bashes" stay-at-home moms... who file for more child support instead of going out and getting a job. or you'll find that he "bashes" working moms... who put the children in daycare rather than letting them stay with their NCP fathers.

brent is unkind to women who act in selfish, malicious ways, all in the name of "the best interest of the children." if you reread his posts, you'll find he gripes about the actions of some women, not the nature of all women.

please post exact quotes of brent's own words that you find offensive.


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