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Author Topic: "Blatant Violation" moved from Soc's forum  (Read 10517 times)


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RE: Poster had make-up time in advance
« Reply #20 on: Jan 29, 2007, 08:16:32 AM »
Yes, you've already expressed your side of the story. We haven't heard the other side.

Note that your post makes it clear that you're not being fair. You're arguing that the mother wouldn't lose any play time since the kids would be strapped into car seats for the 3 hours that you wanted her to give up. In reality, they'd STILL have had to leave 3 hours earlier, so she WOULD have lost some of her play time. Your post makes it clear that you're not being particularly fair or balanced either.

That's why the courts set a visitation schedule - and she is entirely within her rights to enforce it.


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RE: I stand corrected
« Reply #21 on: Jan 29, 2007, 12:14:22 PM »
yeah, when I first read it, I thought three hours earlier in delivery time, not getting them back.

I think this is really a matter of personal willingness here.  If CP felt the children were in danger, then it would not have been unreasonable to ask for them and set up make-up time.  If bad weather moved in and NCP took him to court, then she may look like she put herself before the best interest of the child.

The key is best interest of the child.  Who was being served here?  The children's welfare or the parent?


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RE: Calling it like I see it
« Reply #22 on: Jan 29, 2007, 01:09:49 PM »
I have a question.

 Was school out the next day? If the weather was in fact as treacherous as you state, and it was evening time.... then you would've already known that the schools were closed. My guess is you live in NoVa, and I *know* VA  posts these things on the news right away.

 My point is, that the argument about missing school isn't valid if the weather was already so bad. In VA, kids don't go to school when there are even a few flakes on the ground.

Now, unfortunately, I do see this as a control issue  for BOTH of you.


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