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Author Topic: Soc, perhaps a proofread?  (Read 2378 times)


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Soc, perhaps a proofread?
« on: Nov 23, 2003, 09:06:29 PM »
This is the letter I drafted to fax to the superintendant tomorrow. Please tell me if you think it's appropriate.

November 24, 2003

(My name)
(My street address)
(My city), Missouri  00000

Re: Written affidavits from Mrs. B, Mrs. H, and Mrs. F on behalf of T. M. and B. M.

Dear Mr. T.,

On October 26, 2003 I wrote Mrs. B an E-mail asking for her, Mrs. H and Mrs. F to write out statements correlating what they stated to me in phone conversations from March to May of this year. On October 30, 2003 I received a response E-mail from Mrs. B stating that she would be more than happy to do so, and would print out my E-mail and present it to Mrs. H and Mrs. F to see if they would also.

On November 20, 2003 I again received an E-mail from Mrs. B stating that Mrs. F had stated to her that you wanted paperwork from my attorney before they write their letters.

I am acting in propia persona in my custody modification case, and as such, am my own legal counsel. That is the purpose of this correspondence.

The reason I requested written affidavits from Mrs. B, Mrs. H, and Mrs. F is because of their assertions that certain things had occurred while in their father’s physical custody. They had concern of issues within the home, and issues within the school environment, and conveyed those concerns to me. Based on their professional concerns of the welfare of my children, along with other information I have obtained, the decision was made to pursue a custody modification to insure the health and welfare of my children was preserved. If you need specifics, I would be more than happy to furnish those to you in writing as well. I am, however, still asking for signed, notarized affidavits affirming the statements they made, prior to trial. I would also like to request copies of any written records the XXXXXX County School System still has in their possession concerning the welfare of T, B, or K MXXXX

I thank you for your assistance and timely response in this matter as it is of the utmost importance to me. If you have any further comments or questions, you may reach me by E-mail at: xxxxxxx@hotmail.com; by phone at: (573) XXX-XXXX; or by fax at: (573) XXX-XXXX.

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Not yet...
« Reply #1 on: Nov 24, 2003, 03:50:41 AM »
Apparently, I didn't communicate properly. Your notarized affidavit is objectionable as hearsay unless the witness is present to testify at the hearing. You can use the statement with a motion, but without the author's presense at the hearing for examination by the other party, that evidence will not be considered, if the other party objects timely to its admission.

So, you MUST have a subpoena, or you ware wasting your energy.


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