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Author Topic: I AM the evil female...super long post  (Read 12135 times)


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RE: You really can't compare
« Reply #70 on: Jul 14, 2004, 10:56:35 AM »
In my opinion you BOTH made the choice to have unprotected sex, therefore you BOTH make the choice to raise the CHILD TOGETHER.  Its not the childs fault that his/her parents are like this, Grow up and let the child have a relationship with BOTH parents. It not that hard. If you ex has never laid a hand to the child then there is NO reason why he shouldnt be allowed to be an active parent.

As much as a jerk my ex is he is STILL my sons father whether I like it or not, and if he should choose to come back into my sons life yet again, he has that right too, he is his father.

**These are my opinions, they are not legal advice**


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RE: You really can't compare
« Reply #71 on: Jul 14, 2004, 03:45:32 PM »
Maybe the reason it seems that so many people seem to be arguing the same side with conflicting views or reasons is that we ARE all arguing the same side with different points of view.  

We all have different points of reference here.  The points made are valid no matter where they come from.  Just like a puzzle there are many pieces.  There are also many pieces to your child's life.  Her father and his family are pieces of that puzzle.  Without them the picture is not complete.  

I still stand firmly as I have always stood.  Unless a parent can be proven to be validly and genuinely unfit then there is no reason to keep that person out of the child's life.  


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