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Author Topic: couseling  (Read 1114 times)


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« on: Feb 06, 2006, 02:36:31 AM »
I am non custodial dad , Mom Has been taking son to couseling and has not told me any thing about this ,
   My son has no problems that need to be addressed by a counselor ,
 Mom is a manipulative , And got the GAl and Psych evaluater to believe things that are not true about me By outright lying False allegations ,and trickery . And in the past my son told me" Mom kept him awake all night "to get him to tell the GAL exagerations of things that happened ,
   trial is over case is settled ,
   However I am reasonably sure Mom can't stop trying to undermine me  and has some thing she will be trying to convince the couselor to report or do,
  My son had been and is now telling me about this counselor and how they play with puppets etc and talk ,
  Again this worries me as too what this is all about !

  1 is there any thing I need to do ?
    2 should I talk to the counselor ?
       The reason this bothers me is she has already went the direction of trying to accuse me of being a pedophile . Briefly the result was I passed Polygraph testing , She failed , the issue was swept under the carpet and mom then went to play it off like this was just a little mistake .
    so you better believe I am a little leary of this play therapy my 7 Yo son has been going too !
    3 Any thought's about this type of thing ?
   4 should I make this counselor aware of this history of allegations ?
  5 Can I request copies of the couseling records ?


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RE: couseling
« Reply #1 on: Feb 06, 2006, 10:38:35 AM »
>  1 is there any thing I need to do ?

Question is too broad.

2. should I talk to the counselor ?

That would probably be good.

>    3 Any thought's about this type of thing ?

You passed the polygraph, so I think you're worrying unnecessarly about your own situation. If you think that the child is being manipulated by the counselor, then you should try to alieviate that apprehension, and discuss it with the counselor.

>   4 should I make this counselor aware of this history of
>allegations ?

That probably would be good.

>  5 Can I request copies of the couseling records ?

You can ask, but I doubt that you will get the records without a court order.

Some Thoughts:

If you act like you are genuinely afraid of being "found out," then the counselor will start wondering what you're real motivation is, rather than simply looking into the child's behavior problems, if any.

So, you need to be cool. Have a meeting with the counselor and explain that you were accused, and you want the counselor to be aware of the possibility of manipulation by the mother, and that you hope that the counselor will keep this in mind going forward -- but, that beyond that, if the counselor needs any help from you, that you will be happy to provide assistance.


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Based upon our personal experience,
« Reply #2 on: Feb 06, 2006, 03:51:42 PM »
my hubbie was not allowed access to or copies of his son's psychiatric records.  We were told it was "patient/doctor" privileged.  The only way my hubbie could get access was via the custodial parents or court's authorization.  Once BM (custodial parent) gave permission (which was not an easy task to talk her into), the records and information we received from the psychiatrist office was very limited providing very little information.  The psychiatrist office stated a lot of the of the records included joint counseling sessions with BM, her boyfriend, and the other kids and all the sessions that included anyone besides youngest SS is also privileged patient/doctor.  My guess is that BM finally gave approval for the records to be released was when she was assured that what hubbie got would be extremely limited.


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