Frequently Asked Questions

The custodial parent is refusing to allow me to see my children. What do I do?

There are a couple of things you can do to ensure you get to exercise your parenting time with your kids:

  1. If you suspect that the custodial parent may interfere with your parenting time, send the Notice Of Intent To Exercise Visitation letter.

  2. If your parenting time is denied, ALWAYS send the Denial Of Visitation form letter. Copy your attorney, opposing counsel, and the court clerk on this letter.

  3. File a police report to further document the denied time. The police may be reluctant to file a report and tell you that it's a 'civil matter'. Insist (politely) that they file a report anyway.

  4. Use the Parenting Time Tracker to record and track any missed or denied time.
After a few denied visits, file a contempt charge in court against the custodial parent. Use the letters, police reports (if any) and the Parenting Time Tracker to show that you were denied your parenting time.