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Texas State Forum / RE: Bell County
Oct 12, 2006, 06:23:21 PM
I'll ask around, I know a few people that live in that county.

I assume you are in Texas since you are on this board.  

First each visitation is a separate contempt, but a Judge is not going to look at a read every one.  We had an attorney when we filed contempts and you list each one very carefully.  List ones that you have absolute proof, because I guarantee the ex will LIE HER HEAD off trying to get out of them and the Judge will believe her over you unless you can prove differently.

Judge's also like to see a pattern on denied visitation, mine were usually around holidays, so that showed a pattern.  We had already been to court once, and were both ORDERED by the Judge to take the class Puttin Kids First.  It's online and you can take it online for a small fee and get your certificate.

If you take this course first and have your certificate with you this will show the Judge you are serious about parenting etc and will more than likely order your ex to take the course too.

Violations should be listed like:

1. On the weekend of BLANK I attempted to pick up son at EX's residence or wherever.  Ex was not at home at the time.  I waited 30 minutes and no one ever showed.

Now here is where it get's tricky Ex can just say she was there and you didn't show and Judge will believe her unless you have proof you actually did come.  Did you have a witness?  Was the witness related to you? Judges' figure relations will lie for you so be careful with witnesses.

Also sheriff's dept people do not like to be involved, so if you can just get a report from them that a well check was done and what time they actually talked to ex, this is proof.  

Do NOT go into the proof you have on your contempts, because ex will get a copy of your contempt and figure out a way to lie or get someone to lie for her.  Very seldom have I ever heard of anyone getting perjured in Family court.

What county in Texas are you in, maybe I can help you out?  I'm not a lot, so don't get too impatient.  

Texas State Forum / RE: Bell County
Sep 18, 2006, 08:17:17 PM
I'm next to Bell County.  Are you not in Texas?
Texas State Forum / RE: custody of my son
Sep 18, 2006, 08:15:42 PM
What state is the court order in?  Texas?

If it is in Texas you need to find an attorney and get him to sue the mother who I assume is the custodial parent for custody.    If she is in jail and does not show up at the hearing then custody should be yours by automatic default.  I would not mention the guardianship, I would just say to the attorney she has left the child with non-relatives that have no legal authority to the child.  

If the case is still in Texas and a judge from another state has given guardianship to someone, you will have to take that court order from Texas to that judge and show him you now have full custody of the child.  Once a judge signs off a sheriff should go with you to pick up the child.

Texas likes to keep their cases in Texas.  What county are you in?
Texas State Forum / RE: Pro Se in Bexar County
Aug 20, 2006, 03:23:50 PM
I would think paperwork that is done in Texas would work statewide.  The only exception I see would be the court costs vary from county to county on filing, serving and that kind of thing.  What exactly are you looking for?  

Texas State Forum / RE: Please give Advice
Aug 08, 2006, 02:45:09 PM
I'm in Texas.  I have tons of paperwork where I've filed contemtps.  but you must have legitmate documentation.  Your witnesses need to be someone neutral (not a relative).    You say she is denying you visitation what exactly does your court order say?  Do you have  set place to pick up the children?  I think I can help you out with the wording to file contempts, that's relatively simple.  And courts costs aren't too bad and you can ask for the fees in the paperwork if you want to file pro se.  But you have to have a SOLID case, or the Judge will laugh you out of court basically.  Does the ex have funds for an attorney?  And your right the AG is after the $$$ only!

And lastly what county in Texas are you in?  
Texas State Forum / RE: Signing over rights
May 29, 2006, 06:18:52 AM
I've done a lot of research on this.  I've also talked to a lot of people in Texas on this.

There are several things that are considered.

 NO 1 Is it in the Best Interest of the Child?  Reason here would be parent in jail for drugs for years, sexual abuse, child endangerment.  I'm sure you get the picture here on this.  Can you actually support the child without help?  Who would the child live with if something happened to you?

NO 2 The age of the child, how long has the other parent been in the child's life?  Is the child a baby still (less than 2 years old) and other parent has never seen or had anything to do with the child?  Is someone else willing to adopt the child, so the child would not be parentless if something were to happen?

BM in my case wants to sign over her parental rights so she won't have to pay child support or medical support.  I don't think a Judge will go for this and neither does the psychologist that I've spoken with.  BM also still wants her family to be able to see child.  I can't see at this point with child being over 5 years old that this would be in the child's best interest.  The child does see her and the family at least once a month, so all of a sudden him not seeing his family would in my opinion harm him to some extent.

I'll make this short as possible.  Did not know son existed until he was 18 months old and then bio mom (she kept telling me he was not mine) hit me with AG papers for paternity along with several others.

Ok go to court with AG and get the standard EOW visitation.  Then bio mom calls me to get son says she having surgery, but instead leaves the state.  This goes into my summer visitation time.  I file for custody.  Judge says it hasn't been a year since the rendition of the first order and just chews bio mom out and that's about it.

Wait another year son is about 2-1/2 now and again mom is flitting around and I have son more than 50% of the time, except when she's mad and keeps him.  In the meantime I'm recording conversations, tape recording, video taping, keeping track of everything.  I have a about zillion contempts on her, but I picked out 6 which were all to do around the holidays that year when she withheld him from me.  I file contempts and she goes ballastic.  

I did not ask for custody I just filed contempts.  She loses all but one and Judge award me extra time, puts her on 10 years probation, and has her pay my attorney fees.    Bio Mom then files appeal (appeals usually don't hold much in Texas by the way)  I mean what Judge is going against another Judge they have to work with all the time.  

Anyway the night before court, her attorney calls my attorney and says bio mom has decided to go into the military and wants to sign over custody.  Now talk about a shock!  Anyway we never go to court, but hash out the agreement, with clauses in the agreement if for any reason she does not go into the military custody is not reversible.  So I've had sole custody since son was 2-1/2 and he's 6 now.

Bio Mom does visit about once a month and I try to work with her.  We don't always stick to the exact schedule, but as long as she's half way decent I will work with her for son's benefit.

That's the short of it.  Longer version or more information  email me.
Texas State Forum / Medical in Texas
Aug 13, 2005, 11:32:58 AM
Question on medical ordered by the AG office.  If the AG offices orders the NCP to pay the medical and unpaid medical bills, then....

(1) Does the AG handle this in court, the same as the C/S?


(2) Would I have to hire an attorney or go pro se and file contempts?

Texas State Forum / RE: PAS
Mar 02, 2005, 06:07:44 AM


TELEPHONE: (972) 726 - 0535

Try this attorney.  Several people I know have had Wonderful success with her.  One Dad got Custody, and one the mother tried moving out of state and she had to move the child back.