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From the looks of the new "Standard Visitation" they have eliminated the option to keep the child till school resumes on Monday.
I believe you go by what is written in your order.  All new orders will should say Thursday.  I no longer have a SS to worry about since he is 20 now but I think I will go check out this new order.  It sounds like you could have more time with a child by having a Thursday overnight and then starting a weekend after school or Friday.  In effect having the child from after school on Thursday till school resumes on Monday morning.

Like I said, I haven't looked at the new laws in a while so off I go to look.....
Father's Issues / This is weird....
Jan 13, 2006, 08:18:16 AM
***While serving jury duty, an accused murderer overpowers the bailiff and beats you to death with the stenotype machine.***

Last call I got for jury duty was for a murder!  I told the judge and both lawyers that I couldn't be impartial because I had sat in Family Court many times and heard both sides lying their heads off.  I told them I wouldn't believe what I heard.  I have never been called for jury duty again.