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Minnesota State Forum / RE: Sunshine!
Aug 16, 2007, 06:53:58 PM
Of course!  Happy to help!  Email me.
Minnesota State Forum / RE: I'm here!!
Aug 16, 2007, 06:53:17 PM
I didn't know anyone on the bridge, however my brother missed it literally by seconds!

Everyone good here!
I didn't get a message...

Try this address:

[email protected]

(sunshine1(underscore)[email protected])

That should work better.  I think your PM is disabled
Well I tried to send you a PM, but you do not have a profile set up.  So I am going to have to post it.

I would be happy to help you out here.  I live in Dakota Cty.  Our BM and now our SM are just as crazy as yours with their reasoning.  You can't very well serve her with any motion papers for contempt either if you don't know her address.  I successfully won my contempt case on my ex for this very same reason.  I also was never allowed the insurance cards also quoted in Appendix A.  His lawyer told him he was an idiot...

Anyway, I have a subscription to a background check site and I could look it up for you.  If the move is fairly recent, it probably won't show up, but  I am very good at digging up information.

As far as holding her address for ransom over what your last name is, this may be easier than you think.  Just give her a fake one...your getting married anyway.

My ex's new wife is an emailer, texter, and a voicemail leaver.  I've changed my phone 5 times.  I feel your pain.

I just looked in my phone book... who would you like to be....Crockpot Anderson, Crockpot Johnson, Crockpot Thompson, or Crockpot Smith?  There is about 400 of each one of those in the book!

Let me know if I can help! Wouldn't it be nice if you showed up on her doorstep and dropped something off for the kids?
PM Dibella....I believe she is from Anoka County and could help you.
Oh, for some reason I thought he wanted to sign off.  Does he pay child support?  If he does, he is financially supporting her he just wishes not to exercise his visitation, therefore you will not be granted the termination and adoption unless he agrees.

If he does not pay Child support and he does not see her, then it would be the "involuntary Termination" and the motion to adopt right after.  I believe you file this with the juvenile court.  You can call the clerk to get that information.

I don't see how this is family court except for the adoption part.  I would call and ask, because I am not real sure.  Check the adoption form, it should tell you where you need to serve it and file it in the directions.

I can't seem to find any forms, I think you will just have to draft a "Motion for Voluntary Termination of Parental Rights"

C'mon Spinner, you should be able to do this by yourself by now!  :)
I have had to use a few parenting time expeditors and they were worthless...just to help you I will give you the names of the truly worthless ones:

BAD: Mind made up in first 5 minutes

Glenda Guthrie Baldwin
Attorney at Law
8404 134th Street Court
Apple Valley, MN 55124

BAD: Took 1400.00 from us combined and didn't do ANYTHING.  Listened to both of us over a course of a month, ate up a 700.00 retainer for each of us, and said she couldn't help us we needed to motion the court...totally a scam artist.  We were actually so pissed off about the money we spent on this lady that we agreed (that is in "together") to get rid of her!

Joyce Grannis
Attorney at Law
412 Southview Blvd, #100
South St. Paul, MN 55075

BAD: Total idiot..seriously run or motion to object to this guy.

David Jaehne,  
60 East Marie #109, West St. Paul , MN 55118  
Phone: 651-457-2827  Fax: 651-457-9887  

GOOD: AWESOME, knows his job and is fair.

Merlyn L. Meinerts
Attorney at Law
350 West Burnsville Parkway
Suite 525
Burnsville, MN 55337

THE BEST EVER: Kinda spendy but I would pick him anyday to do a battle for me and I actually used him as an attorney later on a separate issue..

Michael E. Molenda
Attorney at Law
7300 West 147th Street
Suite 600
Apple Valley, MN 55124

Good Luck.  These people can work in Dakota, Scott and Goodhue Counties.

I too have a beef with this new law.  My worker has taken it upon herself to pick and choose what she determines the rules to be.  I am not sure how I would end up if we used both our incomes.  Honestly, I did the calculation on the DHS website and I came out with more....but I don't know all the little hidden things they take out, put in.  Etc..

Have you calculated yours?  My understanding is, if you file your own modification according to the law, they have to imput the new guidelines.  Anyone just newly gettting a divorce or applying for CS, the law also applies.
Spinner...what kind of info do you have on the new guidelines?  It is my understanding that you have to file to imput both incomes, and it is not done automatically.