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I live in canton ohio I have 2 kids my kids are in foster care I'm still fighting for my kids the so so called worker on my case tell lie the public defender did not do nothing on my case I'm looking for me a good fighting attorney to take on dcfs / family court If anyone know of a good attorney let me know I dont know how to file my own court papers my kids are suffering in foster care cps is all about money / lies we have to stop cps I would like to start having group meetings here in ohio we have to all come together a lot of parents / families are in need of help a lot of of parents is scared of cps we can not aloud our kids to keep being put for adoption / sale I know many parents want there kids back but are scared to fight for there kids we need to do something I'm not scared of cps / family court I will not stop fighting for my kids cps is going to keep doing what they want to do because they know the parents are scared of them we need to let them know we will all stand together & fight for all of our kids If anyone in ohio would like to have group meetings please contact me anytime join me in my fight against cps / family court we have to save our kids