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Colorado State Forum / Child/Family Investigator and Mediation
« on: Apr 13, 2011, 08:53:44 AM »
My ex and I went to court in January for what was supposed to be final orders.  Since there were so many issues (raised by me) regarding my ex, the court continued the hearing and ordered mediation, a CFI investigation and therapy.  I have been the primary care taker for our children from birth until our separation.  One of my children live with me, the other lives with my ex.  I call my child that does not live with me every evening (except when my ex has weekend visitation with both children as I don't want to disrupt their time together) and we talk for a few minutes about school and his day and whatever is going on in his life.  I have lunch with him at school at least once a week and get him every other weekend.  I also try to have him for a few hours for dinner or overnight at least once per week.  My ex sees our child that lives with me every other weekend and calls sporadically.   My ex has stated in therapy that calling our child daily and having a weekly lunch with him is too much and interferes with their routine, that I should be happy with seeing him every other weekend.  My ex does not respond to voice mails or text messages, but communicates through the kids and has stated as much in therapy because he wants nothing to do with me.
I filled out all the paperwork and paid the CFI my portion of the retainer, got the kids into therapy, scheduled and paid for my porition of mediation.  My ex has not contacted or paid the CFI, has attended but does not constructively participate in therapy and his mediation retainer was supposed to be paid two days ago (it has to be paid 10 days in advance).  I don't believe he has paid it.   He is 100% positive that the judge is going to grant a continuance.  The Notice of Hearing from the court says that they will enter Final Orders and a Decree when we go to court next month.  The papers also state that no continuance will be granted unless good cause is shown.  He makes more money than me, has not paid for any of this and is completely ignoring court orders, banking on a continuance.  This has been dragging on for almost a year, I'm doing all the leg work, complying with the court orders, getting the kids where they need to be, etc. and I want this to be over. 
The CFI submitted a Status Update to the court and since he has not contacted or paid the retainer, the CFI is asking that his appointment in this case be terminated due to my ex's "lack of communication/participation.  What are the chances that I would get primary parental responsibility for both kids as he is not complying with court orders? Will the judge continue this hearing?  (this is scheduled in Jefferson County)

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