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i would of text her but my cell is out of service, but i did called her, and she said," she in pa for vacation...but maybe i ask my sister to text her and see what starts September 9, i was going to get my daughter thursday and bring her back sunday the day before school starts.... she being stupid and immature about it.... so now im going to court for violation....the court order only says," alterating 2 weeks that's it....i don;t want to much to fight for custody because i know she needs her mother... but i would like increase my visit to 1 week with me and 1 with her mother when schools start.... she comes out at 3 or 3.30 pm and i live close by maybe 15 to 20 mins away...and to modify my summers to give a specfic time and it won;t be problems like that in the long run.... so can i request more for visitation?
We have a 7 year old daughter, i have every other weekend visit and 2 weeks alternating in the summer, and we share joint legal custody while the mother having physical custody.The mother had violated visits in the past, in which i was awarded make-up time, now my court order state, "alternating 2 weeks with child, but it didn't include a time, so today is my visit with my daughter, and she know is my time, she on vacation in Pa, and i don;t when she will be back, can she be charged with kidnapping? and should i file a police report? because i have a court date coming in Sep 9, she file a petition excusing me of false accusation of neglect, and wants to take her away from me, and she wants to file full custody with me having limit visits? what can i do?

Im plan to to get more visit with my daughter on school days, since we close by to each other.... i believe having more time is reasonable
We have a 7 year old daughter, i have every other weekend visits and 2 weeks alternating in summer, the mother has violated my visit back in 2010, and numerous in other times, like including the month past she wasn't in her home when i told her i was going pick up( than few hrs later calling me to get her, she like playing games) so i file a police report....So now the mother file a petition to take full custody for no reason, saying," i don;t feed my kid,i don;t bath her, the child doesn't want to go with u...and she wants to limit my visit, seriously i really don;t know what wrong with her, she maybe suffering from something, i don;t if she haunted by our past relationship and she takes it out of our kid...she don;t let me be a father, and making all this lie I'm afraid what else she going to say next that i molested her? this woman is very dangerous i don;t what measure to take in a case like this, i don;t want to take custody away from the mom i like to increased visitation, can that be possible? or full custody? would be better?
since i get her every other weekends on school days i would like have a extra few days...and make sure she hands over the medicaid because she gave me a hard giving it to me, and also has not added me on the child emergency list...
yea, if i get more time than what i already have, that would be good like to have more time on school going to speak to my lawyer tommorow... court date is this wendesday
that she just file a petition on her own, i can;t afford a lawyer, the lawyer i had before was appointed to me by the court, and her as is custody or enforce the order...something to make her stop her bullcrap...
i wish it was the same judge is not is a different one but my lawyer knows our situtation he took our case before...
court date is July 15, yea she want full custody no visitation at all.. she been trying to do that for the past years...she don;t want to be in my daughter life, because she hate me and she know i speak the truth of her action...i don;t want her problem is she suffering of something...and my daughter talks to me about, that they talk bad about me, they hate me etc....
Visitation Issues / modify visitation to custody?
Jul 11, 2013, 07:27:46 AM
My daughter is 7, i have every other weekends visitation, and the mother physical custody, and we share joint legal custody...She had violated my visit numerous times within 3 years time frame...back in 2010 i was awarded make-up visit, and than she put a order of protection for no reason try to keep my kid away from me, but later was dropped, and now i was supposed to get my daughter tuesday( yesterday) i told her my 2 weeks has starting, for her to be ready at 12..i went over to her resident her father told me," she not here she left." i file a police report," and her father gave me a court hearing paper that she put me to court, and stating," that I'm neglectful, i don;t bath her, i don;t feed her, and that my daughter does not want to go with me," and is a complete lie!!
Additional information
sorry i didn;t mention i have 2 weeks alternating every month for summer...there's no way to communicate with her mother, she does not want to talk to me, shutting me down, having her father do all the talking for her, and now she wants to get full custody and sole legal of my daughter and saying all this lie this been going on for 3 year or 5 and nothing has change.... -
well i finally got a answer, she told me to get her," July 5,2012... can i still modify the court order to prevent future hassles, because that all she had to say before and all this arguement could of been avoided...i like to go back to court get a date and time for pickup and drop off?