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Visitation Issues / Kids in UK Dad in USA PAS no contact at all
« on: Aug 22, 2012, 08:08:44 AM »
My ex is in the UK and I am in the US. I was living in the UK and my visa expired and I stayed in the UK for 2 years. Me and my family decided I would go back to the US and get a job and when I got the money I would fly them over. However my wife kept making excuses and all she wanted was $1000.00 a month. All we did is fight and when she didnt get what she wanted she would not let me talk to the kids. 2008 I paid for my family to vacation in FL but my wife would not stay. That is the last time I have seen my kids. My wife filed for divorce in the UK and has not let me talk to my kids she has moved and changed all her numbers I have emailed her and gotten stonewalled. We were married in the US and my kids are dual citizens, is there a way for me to file for visitation rights in the US with a US lawyer and not having to go through a UK lawyer too. Im afraid my kids are victims of PAS(parental alienation syndrome) and they think I abandoned them. I cannot return to Scotland for 5 - 10 years because I overstayed my visa by 2 years to be with my wife and kids and now my ex is using that to keep me from my kids. There was no child support order because she is on all the social programs so all the order is a divorce and no visitation.

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