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SITUATION UPDATE:  Ex has my our 4 year old Mon evening, Tue, Wed, Thurs, Fri and I get him Sat afternoon.  Fighting for joint custody.  It's been this way since she left in October.  I'm trying to refiance the house; We're both on the title to the home and she's refusing to come off.  She's asking for (and entitled to) child support from the date of filing.  My question is: is she responsible for half the mortgage for the time she's been gone?  I'm curious if I can have what I owe her in retro child support offset by what she's 'responsible' for in the mortgage.  All comments would be greatly appreciated.
General Issues / Marriage from Hell...
Nov 17, 2014, 02:54:23 PM
I've posted several posts on this site.... I married a doozey!  Trying to get her to agree to a seperation agreement is proving to be impossible.  Anyway, he's on the mortgage and the car and I would LOVE to give her both but...... he has HORRIBLE credit.  What options do I have if I get someone to buy the home and he refuses to sign?
Custody Issues / Custody
Sep 25, 2014, 04:15:10 PM
Wife plans of leaving home with my 3 year old son... Told me she plans on having him witgh her most of the time.  In my state (MD) we have to be seperated 1 year prior to filing for divorce.  How do I go about seeing my son equally (which I think I'm entitled to) prior to filing for divorce?  I have no record that would prevent me from seeing my son and if I may say, I'm a damn good father.  What can I do to see my son if my wife decides to take my son from our home, especially given the circumstances that in my state of MD, we have to living seperately for at least 1 year prior to filing for divorce?  Thanks in advance for your help.
General Issues / Adultery
Aug 06, 2014, 05:00:57 PM
Discovered an explicit text my wife sent to a co-worker.  When confronted, she admitted to fellatio and nothing further stating "it's not cheating if there is no intercourse." Lucky me, huh?  What a gal!  Anyway, her cell phone (the ones that I discovered the texts on) is under my name.  Can I use the texts as evidence to prove adultery?  As you can imagine, I just want to get out before I do something stupid.  Any advice?
General Issues / Re: Man gaining full custody...
Mar 12, 2014, 04:38:23 PM
just found out wife is attempting to get lump sum back pay from reduced salary, but only after divorce settlement. Is it feasible for me to get a portion of lump sum after divorce? Her thinking is the salary reduction helped expeditite the divorce, and she would sue for not only salary owed, but damages and since she's no longer married (do you see where I'm going?), she wouldn't have to share money won in her lawsuit. My question is, am I entitled to any money won after the divorce?
General Issues / Re: Man gaining full custody...
Nov 14, 2013, 04:41:12 PM
I don't understand. If a judge decrees that I pay $500.00 a month in child support and I have a $300.00 a month child care payment, my lawyer (ok, I haven't yet retained his services) told me I could pay the child support payment and pay my wife the difference ($200.00) or I can pay her the full $500.00 and let her pay the child care. I'm assuming I have to continue to pay the full amount after my son leaves child care?

Another question I have for any ex or current military. Is my soon to ex automatically entitled to half my TSP? Like I alluded to earlier, I have not yet retained a lawyer and still need some insight to questions I have. Thanks in advance.
General Issues / Re: Man gaining full custody...
Nov 12, 2013, 03:19:22 PM
Thanks all! Moving right along.... I got a free initial consultation from local lawyer and was told my child support payments (assuming the judge decides joint custody, as he thinks he/she will) will be $500. He said that payment will be decreased by whatever I pay in child care ($300), therefore my payments (if I choose to pay child care myself) will be $200.00. My question is... what happens after my child no longer attends child care? Do I still have to pay $500.00?
General Issues / Re: Man gaining full custody...
Nov 07, 2013, 04:58:02 PM
Thanks for all the replies! Appreciate it.

Yes, I am still in the house. Both of us are on the deed, also. Truth is, neither one of us can afford it on our own, so it is inevitable that it will be sold.

Since my wife has refused to pay on the shared bills (house and car), I am in quite a conundrum. Her visa is about to expire and she needs me to sign for an extension. I asked her to help pay on the shared bills which of course, she refused. I, in turn, refused to sign the visa extension. Truth is, it is asine and spiteful for me not to sign since she will probably lose her job. Agree or not?

Lastly, I don't know if I should expend energy trying to get her to help pay the shared bills or let her "dig her own grave," if a judge sees it that way. Any advice?
General Issues / Re: Man gaining full custody...
Nov 04, 2013, 01:41:45 AM
Thanks Ocean. Your advice has been valuabe. I have another question is that is slightly related to this topic. My wife is asking to pay our joint bills (mortgage, car, power, electric etc...) to be paid based on a percentage (since I make slightly more than she). She is asking to see my pay stubs, since she evidentially does not believe what I'm telling her I make. I'm hesitant to show her my paystub for fear she will use the information for something else (i.e. calculating child support). She states she will not "pay a dime" unless I prove to her my salary. Unfortunately, I am unable to pay the bills without her help. What do you think I should do? Thanks in advance.
General Issues / Re: Man gaining full custody...
Oct 31, 2013, 03:16:17 AM
Can anyone help me with these questions?:

1.  Can we (wife and I) be legally seperated in Maryland, while living in the same home?

2. Does having bad credit negatively effect one's attempt to gain full custody of children?

3. Can one still pay child support is the court grants shared custody?

Thanks in advance