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Nevada State Forum / child support
Feb 05, 2016, 06:12:12 PM
This is an email I sent Gov Sandoval and a similar one was sent to Gov Brown of CA-just wondering if anyone else has these issues as well

Dear Sir,
Up, until 12/03/2015, my child support cases have been in the state of California's hands for enforcement. I now reside in Nevada, and was told by the State of California they could not enforce on my behalf because I now live in Nevada. So after much pushing and tri- monthly calls the from; Child Support Division in Butte county I moved the case to Nevada Clark County. I was told by your employees that they can only enforce up to driver license suspension and maybe a misdemeanor warrant being issued for their arrest (Case 1070038277-01 Total Past due $75,100.99 and Case 1070079070-01 Past Due $20,925.04) Long story short up until 2008 I resided in California, and nothing was done for either case, hence my hesitation moving them to Nevada. I spoke with a representative from Clark County on 2/2/2016, to inquire if California has officially handed the cases to Clark County Nevada, I was informed California had not, I then asked if they were going to enforce the payment to the full extent and was told that up to license suspension and a Misdemeanor bench warrant. I was told by Nevada that they didn't have the full cases to request enforcement on my behalf, so I sit being owed a total of roughly
$96000.00 that I have entrusted to be taken care of by California since 1994, after some research I have found that both of these men are actually according to Federal Guidelines committing felonies, when I bring this up to anyone I am told that they are not aware of the Federal Guidelines. Sir, with all due respect The District Attorney is not aware of Federal guidelines? I have asked that the most stringent action to be taken by your State, and I am fully aware that if these men are in Jail I will not receive any monies owed to myself and my children. I assure you I am more than Okay with this and have on many occasions stated so, even when I resided in California. I also discovered that both parents do not have to reside in the State to have Cases enforced, according to Federal guidelines as I have been told for 8 years by California's employees, on the oldest case I have been patiently waiting 21 years for enforcement, and 15 years on the other, well I guess I have reached my limit of being given the run around, I assure you a similar correspondence is being sent to Gov. Brown, maybe you both can get together to make a huge difference in the lives of the children going without and the parent who has to look in their eyes and say sorry , but a peanut butter sandwich with have to do until payday, etc. Because you had to pay the light bill instead of food this paycheck. I don't expect I am the only parent faced with this but this is the real war of poverty, States not enforcing the laws and guidelines out of what, laziness or just not giving a hoot about what is really going on in the everyday lives of single parents, who are truly doing it All on their own.
With much respect and Sincere wishes of well-being,