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thanks for the response. hadn't thought of adding it as a stipulation to the restraining order. worth a shot.

also, found out that after a parenting plan is set, it is typically two years before provisions can be added to the plan w/o having to prove some sort of "substantial change".

yeah, pretty confident I got the wording right, including the obvious importance of both parents as they get older. still nothing though.

he was not the judge who ordered restraining order.

id like to be more involved with them and not just limited to 4 days a month.

I don't understand the "substantial change" thing in order to add things to parenting plan if not changing residential schedule.
not sure what to do when judge makes an order, but doesn't address several issues in my motion. motion to reconsider? appeal?
recently motioned for a parenting plan modification  to add provisions such as being able to call and talk to my children on off weeks, but was denied, stating no "substantial change" was shown. I'm not trying to add anything major, and I don't know how to show that, or why I even need to just to talk to my children. a restraining order(fraudulent) exists b/n the mother and I.