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Child Support Issues / Child Support Modification
Jul 28, 2006, 06:43:53 PM
Hello all,
  I first want to thank this site for all the help it has provided me through my divorce and visitation issues over the years.  I am now married to the most wonderful woman and she has woinderful children and my son just told me that since he is old enough he wants to move in with me.   Thank you for helping me keep a level head and being the better person.

My wife though has a situation with her ex.

The situation:  My new wife is seeking a child support modification in California.  This is her first in 10 years and she tried to do it very nicely with him (He lives in California).  She paid for the lawyer and agreed to a lower sum than required by statue and had all the paperwork completed.  When it came time to sign he brought in a lawyer and is now trying to make it happen in his original county and is seeking a change in visitiation.  While visitation was never a problem before it is an issue now.  We have no problem with the visitation changes but he wants mediation scheduled and there is a 3 month backlog in his county.

My question, now that this is starting to happen can she just Register the California child support order in her county and file for an increase or are we limited by the venue problem?  We want to do it and then the lawyer can deal with the other issues separately and we can do the mediation whenever he wants it.  We have been doing this for 6 months and feel he is now just delaying.