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Custody Issues / Grandparents have gaurdianship of daughter (help)
« on: Dec 12, 2009, 08:57:52 PM »
well i won my custody issue after my divorce, well now the next chapter, it goes like this:

I had a child from a one night stand, she is 13 now, the mom does not have her own place and her parents got gaurdianship. I have been paying child support for years. Well her mom and I decided we want to have our child, would getting married help our case to get custody of her? The grandparents have temporary guardianship as far as i know, they have always blocked me from contact, refuse to let me talk to her on the phone, send gifts back etc. Well now i have found her online, and we have been talking alot, she wants her daddy, and daddy wants her. I would like to help her and her mom get away from the grandparents and have a life with mom and dad involved. how tough will this be? I am very stable, and like i stated i just won sole custody of my son from a previous marriage which is my daughters brother.

General Issues / are MSN chat logs admissable in court?
« on: Jun 12, 2009, 10:31:55 AM »
even though they can be changed, or for that matter someone else completely on the other side chatting?

hello here is alittle run down,
 my ex lives out of state, she has not seen our son for well over two years. has not talked to him on the telephone, sent him christmas gifts or birthday gifts. she has a history of mental issues, she was even in the mental hospital a week or two due to telling her work she was considering using my gun on my son and myself then killing herself. i filed for divorce with legal and physical custody with reasonable visitations for her. She filed a response back agreeing to the physical custody but wants joint legal, and a set visitation schedule.
My problem comes with, my son does not know her. he is 7 now and the last time she saw him he was 4 years old. she lives in Arizona, i Live in Northern california where our son was born and raised. i am afraid she would attempt to steal him, i do not trust her what so ever. She drinks quite alot and is under medication. When i talked to her about the visitation asking her what she wanted, she stated she doesn't know yet. and by the time we enter mediation she would come up with something.
My son is doing excellent in school, is advancing in karate and is very well taken care of. I have many people offering to testify and write letters in our behalf after hearing of this. I even considered his school teachers. Any and all advise or comments welcome, thank you.

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