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My husband's ex-wife hates me...I mean "wants me dead, hates me"...because of her feeling about me, she has done everything from contacted my family, sends notes in the childs over night bag, emails after he is returned claiming neglect, and kept him from visiting. 

She tries to control what goes on inside my house and when my husband doesn't respond to her demands, she drags us into court by fabricating evidence and or claims of harresment from me.  Now we are in court again because she is mad over what room her son is sleeping in...she filed claims of neglect had our house inspected and us interviewed.  We passed with flying colors.  Not good enough, at the premilinary hearing her attorney (we don't have one cause of all the money we have going out) claimed that the high conflict wasn't because of her and my husband but because of me. 

Apparently she has been pulling posts off my husband and my facebook page that I have made and is claiming they are about her.  She is blocked and my page for the most part is locked down.  Now I am not part of any Parenting Plan nor is there a court order forbidding me of doing anything never the less I am sure some of the things I post could be taken the wrong way, but they were never intended for her eyes anyway.

I feel so bad and when my husband tried to defend me and accused her of stalking me, the judge justified her actions by saying she was just collecting evidence...We go to trial in March...for an opionon I posted on there anything I can do to protect myself from this women...she wants me to pay for destroying her life...I am afraid that one day she will bring me up on neglect charges and put me in jail so that she can get me away from my husband...I have tried to find a law here in WV, but it seems there is nothing to protect a Stepmother from an!