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New York State Forum / Otsego County Family Court
Aug 01, 2012, 06:07:24 AM

Has anyone ever had an experience up in Otsego County Family Court.  Have a fact findig hearing next week, and previous pre-trial conferences regarding granparent visitation/ fathers custody have been unorganized, intimidating and cofusing to say the least.....not to mention an openly hostile judge.  If the atmosphere doesn't make you want to give it all up I don't know what does........except that I love my grandaughter.  Any tips for a newbie?
Visitation Issues / Help for father with MS
Jul 31, 2012, 08:15:39 AM
Hello all, and I am very saddened to be on this forum.  I am writing for my son, whose significant other left with their 4 year old daughter last year after 12 years.  long story short.  He applied for custody last January, the trial is next week.  The biggest issue is transportation.  He does not drive and she will not drive their child to see him.  The mother is in another relationship and pregnant.    The court does not make allowances for disabilities as far as I can tell from the three pre-trial hearings I have been to.  Father has court appointed attorney (not very good) and the issue regarding transportation seems to be "too bad if he can't drive or afford the taxi rides".   Question:  Does anyone have any exerience regrding rights of disabled dad's in NY State?  Thanks.