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Child Support Issues / Re: Unclaimed funds?
Sep 08, 2018, 09:59:16 AM
He'd love it if he can get that money. It doesn't say how much. The letter says her arrears is about 37k but I thought she owed more like 50k.

Thanks for the reply.
Child Support Issues / Unclaimed funds?
Sep 08, 2018, 08:15:09 AM
My son was to receive CS since about 2002. Mom rarely paid, was in jail a couple times, wasn't in child's life very much. GS is now 19, engaged, father to be himself.
My son got a letter from CSEA (Ohio) saying they were filing a 4D MOTION TO INTERCEPT AND TRANSFER UNCLAIMED FUNDS.

They got the Obligor and Obligee right, but it's saying it's owed TO her, not that she owes it. Anyway, he's going to call Monday to sort it out.

Anyone know what this means? Who does the money go to?
What state are you in? That may determine the steps he needs to take. Some are pro-move-away and some aren't, which means either the one moving has to prove it's best for the kids, or the one left behind needs to prove why it's NOT in their best interest.
General Issues / Re: Man gaining full custody...
Mar 16, 2014, 05:12:49 AM
Don't record anything she says without her consent.
Was there a previous court order between the parents? For custody/visitation or child support? Is he the legal Dad?

Ditto what Bloom said.
Every time I hear about one parent (or in this case a grandparent) wanting their child to voice their wishes to the court, it's because that parent knows that the child will say they want to be with that parent. Sean's relatives have already done this in the past, taping him saying he wanted to stay. Of course he's going to say that! Even if he meant it (he doesn't know anything else), it doesn't mean he knows what's best for him!

If this does go forward, and he does need to be heard (I hope not), I hope he tells them just how wonderful life in the US is, with his loving father and extended family, and that though he loves his gma, he is perfectly happy there. Maybe David can delay, delay, delay like they did, so that Sean is even more settled in, and the court will not want to disrupt him - again. Like his mother did.

Gma is nuts. Sean has already texted and spoken to her. David has said she could come and visit him. They are more interested in themselves, and/or making a point. I understand her attachment to Sean, I have grandkids, and raised one for a couple of years. He is not her child. She has to let go.
Quote from: CuriousMom on Dec 23, 2009, 05:50:23 PM
I know this happened years ago, but currently don't you have to have both parents consent (and notarized I thought)  regardless of having a child's passport to get out of the country? 

Of course there is always a way to probably skirt around it....

Would this apply to married parents too? I would hope not...
You will file at the courthouse in the county mom lives in. They may have forms online, but you'll have to physically file the papers.

At this point mom is the only one with rights to the child. Once you have yours established, she'll have to abide by the court orders. There may be standard parenting times for her county which may limit your time with a newborn (short, frequent visits are best), but it will increase in time.
#9 replied to a post that's 3 months old...

Hopefully he has an attorney now! :)
Father's Issues / Re: Paternity for Dad's
Jun 19, 2009, 04:17:21 PM
The other possible Dad definitely can ask for a test. I'm not sure if you'll be able to, as since you are married to Mom, you are the legal father. Is there a name on the birth certificate? The potential dad usually has to sign an acknowledgement of paternity for his name to appear on it if he and mom are not married. Did they ask you to sign anything, or were you in jail?

What state are you in? Do you have an attorney for the divorce?