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p.s.:  Please do not pass up this limited opportunity to contribute your feedback during the purportedly open public comment period, which closes August 05.  Do it today.  If you want your emailed comments to appear on, so as to create a "public record" of your comment, please CC: the comment to:  tipLine  ( and we'll make sure it gets posted.
The Colorado Supreme Court Standing Committee on Family Issues is accepting public comment on the revised version of Chief Justice Directive 04-08 pertaining to Child and Family Investigators (CFIs) and on the new guidelines for Parenting Coordinators (PCs) and Decision Makers (DMs).

More information is available at:
Here are two other forums worth checking out, regarding accountability of child and family investigators:  

I don't think anyone knew about this site.  Another site to check out is:

(, then click on State forums -> Colorado)
Almost anything you ever wanted to know about the Colorado "child and family investigator" (f/k/a "special advocate") system may be found at: //  We have uncovered what appears to be multi-million dollar "racket" that is inclusive of the state legislature, Colorado Supreme Court committees, the Family Law Section of the bar assoc. and even the federal court.

While visiting the site, consider contributing information or documentary evidence to help expand the database.  If you find anything interesting thereon, come back here and post your conclusions to share with others.