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Child Support Issues / Deviation for Diabetes?
« on: Apr 06, 2005, 10:17:28 PM »
Our C.S. is in Missouri and we are pro se and I just read that a deviation is allowed if parent paying support has significant extraordinary medical expenses. Unreimbursed medical expenses that exceed $250.00 per family member per year are deemed extraordinary medical expenses.  My DH spends at least $1000 a year for supplies and minimal doctors expenses, we don't have insurance. Has anybody ever done this? and if so how should I go about it from a pro se standpoint. we are currently going through a modification, and have just received an interrogatory.

Child Support Issues / RE: My Rant...
« on: Nov 10, 2004, 11:18:38 PM »
Does a 50/50 parenting plan still involve child support??

You don't have to do anything for IRS to take all of his refund. Last year The IRS took not only my DH's tax refund but also mine (our arrears were only $1500). I think it's mean to have current support raised, I would just be greatful you are getting any money at all. What if the problem lies with the CS collection agency?? or his work?? it took Missouri 6 months and a job change to get my DH's started. He really doesn't have any control once it gets assigned to wage garnishment.

Child Support Issues / RE: CS Question
« on: Nov 10, 2004, 10:50:24 PM »
The child support starts when you guys are seperated as far as I know. So if he's had the kids since May you might owe more, unless you agreed to start the support payments as of the 15th then I think you are on track :7 , but Child support is a tricky thing. At least the judge will know you've been making an effort even though you're lawyers are still jerkin around.

OUCH!!! How did they end up taking so much over?? Now I'm worried but I know that our PBFH will also be taking us back to court for more money as soon as she can. So it will probably get taken care of that way. So you're telling me that "future arrears" gets paid out to biomom immediately??? because I was of the mind that they held on to that money. Don't get me wrong I think child support is great, but I don't think every dad should be treated like a dead beat. If they take too much they should damn well give it back!!!! x(

My DH's CS is going to Missouri family support center through wage garnishment. As of Oct. our arrearage was caught up and we were over paying by $50. They added the regular Nov. CS payment to October and now when they get both of DH's CS check for the month of Nov. they will owe us somewhere around $150. I spoke to our case worker a few months ago and she assured me a letter would be sent as soon as the arrearages were paid. I just don't understand why they put the month of Nov. into arrearage when Nov. isn't even over yet. Are we allowed to write the CS center and ask for our overpayed money when they finally decide we are paying current support or is that money lost forever?? How long does it usually take them to send a letter to lower the payments? I'm afraid they will just keep adding the next month to arrearages and we'll be up the creek without a paddle. I do not believe that the CS center has a right to hold on to any money that isn't immediatley owed to the CP and call it "future support" so they can make interest off of it for the next 14 years. Has anybody ever dealt with this??

General Issues / Here's a toughie????
« on: Nov 18, 2004, 01:54:41 PM »
On our recent visit to ss we went to his school to give my DH's info so we could start receiving report cards, school pic order form, etc... The school informed us that he no longer attended and found out which school bio mom had transferred him to for us. We went to that school and spoke to teacher and administration and asked for imortant info to be sent. We also sent a letter to bio mom stating that we needed to know which school he had been transferred to so we could give them this info even though we already knew..... (document, document, document). Bio mom sends a letter back stating that "decree does not state she is to inform us of anything, but in the spirit of keeping us informed she will send his next report card when she gets it and we can get the info from that". Today my DH called school and spoke directly with teacher wondering why we haven't recieved anything, the teacher informed my dh that bio mom gave her a copy of the decree which states " school shall communicate to husband through wife" so NO the school will NOT send us anything. Bio mom does not send anything to us and dh would rather deal with school. I NEED HELP???? Does that really mean the school doesn't have to send us anything?

Visitation Issues / RE: Contempt of Court question
« on: Dec 21, 2005, 06:26:33 AM »
I don't think you can do anything about Thanksgiving. But does she still have an atty maybe you could send a letter through her atty stating your concern about x-mas drop off before hand. Then file a report with the cops when she doesn't show. Also you could show up in her state when she doesn't show up at the meeting place and have the police help you get the children from her home. I know it might cost more money to drive all the way but you would get the kids for x-mas. Then go back to court with all of your proof and get a modification. I would try to make the Plan say you pick up from her house and at the end of the visit she picks up from your house. Good Luck :)

If the child has lived in MN for at least 6 months you have to file everything there.

Visitation Issues / RE: Desperate Father Needing advice
« on: Jul 13, 2005, 01:49:52 PM »
My DH called C.P.S. on PBFH for 20 bruises on DSS body and she lied through her teeth, so the charges were dropped. Then decided that she didn't want to let us have our visitation anymore so after a year of jerking around we took her to court. PBFH told the judge she didn't want us to have DSS because she thought we would take him to Mexico and claimed that we were the ones that physically abused him. The judge told her that what we did was justified and that NO judge in all of the land would keep DSS away from his father.

So no your visitation won't be taken away. But I do reccomend getting it back A.S.A.P. because when we finally got our month this summer it was a whole different kid. That crazy woman and her parents pumped that little guys head so full of B.S. or P.A.S. or whatever... That he was like a little robot the entire visit.

And the sad part is it's going to take us a long time to fix what they've done in one short year.


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