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Thank you Kitty. You made me cry!  Of course not being able to find seasoning I needed at work, where I'm a cook made me cry too.  I'm feeling very bi-polar lately. And I don't really like it!
Ss blew being able to stay here when he tried to break into neighbors house. The point about the dog was h's priorities. More concerned with dog than his own child. And while I'm not terrified of him I am worried and vigilant. This is not my child. He can go with his dad or go to his moms. He is not welcome here he clearly can't be trusted. I don't recall seeing any posts of yours or ever replying to anything you posted in the 11 yrs I've been around here. So I guess I don't really feel like you have a clue what's been going on except for this single thread. if you have nothing constructive toi offer then please shut up.   
No contact at all. Not even 3rd party. I haven't changed locks yet. He can come get his things if he's accompanied by a sheriff.
RO in effect thru may 12, first court date. Charge class H felony. Suffocation, strangulation. And 2 misdemeanors. Little relieved.  Max is $10,000 fine up to 6 yrs prison. Feel bad its come to this,but not bad enough to drop charges and not cooperate with DA.
Another update. H brought dog home n picked up ss. I didn't give him an option,about ss not dog. Ss tried to break into a neighbors garage yesterday. They followed his footprints thru the snow. When asked he said no. They even said if he told the truth n it was him they wouldn't press charges. He lied. They called police. He admitted to police. Misdemeanor citation cuz damages were under $500. So I told H enough! He cannot stay here if I can't trust him. So dog home ss gone. Court for RO tomorrow.
Oh and I forgot...Dads unemployment ran out 2 wks ago so I'm supporting ss. I work at a restaurant and am saving boxes. Have been packing stuff already. Says the world about dad n moms priorities.
Court is friday for extending RO. And yes that wasn't even a joke. Last monday someone came n picked up his dog but left his son. I just feel horrible for stepson. HORRIBLE. His mom doesn't want him n now dad left him. I think dad n mom should get an award for their stellar parenting!!
Father's Issues / Re: BM Harassment
Mar 27, 2011, 12:17:56 PM
Dh sent ONE certified letter to the ex. It just said that ALL future communications would be either recorded or videotaped. If that was not acceptable then she would have to text or email. Worked for us.
Grrr!! DH had a friend come get his dog. His DOG! Oh and ss is still here with me. I'm sad.
Dh was bonded out yesterday morning. He can't have contact with me for 72 hrs. But ss has his own phone. And he hasn't even called him. I'm so mad! This kids been thru so much cuz of biomom now bullshit with dad. I just feel bad for him. And I thought the same thing. At 17 he can probably stay regardless of where dad is.