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My Personal Perspective:
If you have documentation supporting your position, take time out of your busy life, schedule an appointment with DCS, and work with DCS to resolve the matter. If you must hand hold the DCS Representative, be patient and professional about it as introducing unnecessary noise into the situation can drag DCS's misunderstanding out longer than it should.

For"New Fathers", only make voluntary monthly payments via check (e.x. March 2016 Child Support - "Child Name") until an official court order (not Administrative Order) is in place.  Always go to court with an attorney and never allow an Administrative Order to governing the obligations due your child.  If you cannot afford an attorney, research and educate yourself about family law and use all free resources to the best of your ability to represent yourself.   Furthermore, keep all documentation regarding custody, support, etc. in a safe place until your child is independent and thriving on their own.  #Sacrifice and be the father you would want your child to know.
My Personal Perspective:
I would suggest you hire an attorney to represent yourself and your children and do what the mother of your children would do.  Although attorney's are expensive, you need to be sure that there are no loose ends surrounding this matter.  Furthermore, the mother of your children may not be paying her portion of child care as she is probably saving money for her own attorney and plans to challenge the current 75/25 custody arrangement.

Do yourself and your children a favor and hire an attorney to provide closure to the matter. If the mother of your children does not have the money, she does not have it.  Just continue to gather support for the child care expenses incurred from the child care provider and supporting evidencing communication of those expenses and request for payment to the mother of your children.  When it is time to appear before a judge, have your attorney present the support you gathered and have your attorney request attorney fees be included in the settlement.

Always keep in mind, the money is for the care of the children and any money you leave on the table is not in the best interest of your children.  Just be sure to spend that money wisely and never let anyone steal money from your children.

My Personal Perspective:
It has never happened to me, but 12 month's worth of daycare and medical expenses is a significant surprise.  Whether you were aware of the medical or child care expenses or not, your responsibility for a portion of medical and childcare expenses for your child still remains a legitimate obligation and it will not disappear. Besides food, cloths, shelter, toys, and diapers, it is known that children need medical and childcare services.

With that said, I anticipate you will have to pay your portion of those medical and childcare expenses, but probably through a schedule of set payments in conjunction with 100% of current and future monthly medical and childcare expenses as they are incurred. 

To prevent being surprised in the future, be as proactive as you can (i.e. visit medical and childcare provider, know your child's medical history, know your child's childcare provider), stay current with financial obligations, and set aside a set amount for unforeseen expenses. #Sacrifice and be the father you would want your child to know.

To prevent this from happening to "Soon To Be" fathers, once you become aware you may potentially become a father, immediately adjust your spending habits, life style, estimate the expenses associated with having a child (e.g. child support, medical, and child care), and save like crazy. #Sacrifice and be the father you would want your child to know.